Simply impressive: the Multipart Wall Art

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The highlight of every room

Divided on several picture panels, your motive will look quite impressive and will automatically become the highlight of every room. Multipart Wall Decor provide the viewer with an infinite expanse and thus create a very special atmosphere.
Many individual images can also be combined in a Multipart Wall Decor to create a particularly harmonious composition. With our wall decor configurator you can test different combinations and create a unique design object as a result.

Various layouts and surfaces

All layouts are available with different surfaces. Not only can you perfectly match the multi-part wall decor to your image, but also give it additional character with the perfect surface.

Several Spacing Options

Which spacing to choose for your Multipart Wall Decor depends on both the image itself and the layout of the room. For large formats, larger spacing between the parts can create a unique panoramic effect.
For smaller installations with detailed images, it's best to choose smaller spacing. The image should be placed in such a way that important picture elements stay visible on the panels.
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