Magnetic Mounting

Magnetic Mounting

The magnetic mounting system is perfect to hang Wall Arts easily, with little effort, and no holes in the wall. The magnetic plates make it easy to realign, swap or remove your Wall Art as you please.

We recommend using the magnetic mountings on smooth walls. Avoid using in textured or coarse walls.

Available for: Metal Print, Brushed Metal Print, PVC foam board, Squares

Magnetic Mounting


  • Not visible from the front
  • No need to drill holes in the wall
  • Easily removable
  • Makes changing the Wall Art easy

Available to order separately: Yes, you can order individual mountings in the Accessories section of our webshop.


Depending on the size selected, the following number of magnetic mountings will be required and supplied:

  • 10 x 10 to 20 x 20: 1 magnetic mounting
  • bigger than 20 x 20 to 30 x 30: 2 magnetic mountings
  • bigger than 30 x 30 to 40 x 60: 3 magnetic mountings
  • bigger than 40 x 60: 4 magnetic mountings

Assembly instructions

Materials Required:

  • Your Wall Art with a pre-glued magnetic steel plate
  • A second steel plate with an adhesive strip for wall attachment
  • A pencil
  • A level (optional, but useful)
  • A tape measure
  • A clean cloth or cleaning solution (only if you need to glue the magnetic plate yourself)

Before anything, you will need to decide where you want to hang your wall art. Use a pencil to lightly mark where you want the wall art to go.

For Wall Art with a Pre-Glued Magnetic Plate: Normally, when you order a Wall Art with magnetic mounting, the plate will come preglued to the Wall Art. In those cases, follow the steps starting on Step 4.

How to hang up your Wall Art with the Magnetic Mounting

1. Take the back of your wall art to which you want to attach the magnetic hanger. First, clean the surface you want to attach the hanger to with a dry cloth or cleaning solution.

Magnetic Mounting Assembly

2. Then take the steel plate without the adhesive strip. Remove the protective film from the steel plate and press the adhesive side of the plate onto the Wall Art, making sure it's centered and level. Apply pressure evenly across the plate during at least 10 seconds.

Magnetic Mounting Assembly

3. For best adhesion, allow to rest for approximately 24 hours without applying any force.

Magnetic Mounting Assembly

4. After the glue has cured, take the steel plate with the adhesive strip and attach it to the other plate using the magnet.

Magnetic Mounting Assembly

5. Remove the protective film from the adhesive strip.

Magnetic Mounting Assembly

6. Stick the steel plate to the desired position on the wall. Hold it in place for a few seconds (at least 10 seconds) to make sure it sticks properly.

Magnetic Mounting Assembly

Step back and look at your Wall Art from different angles to make sure it’s straight. If this is not the case, you can simply move the picture to a different angle thanks to the magnetic force. Congratulations! Your Wall Art is now hanging on the wall.