Professional Suspension (Photo Canvas)

Professional Suspension (Photo Canvas 2 cm + 4 cm)

The Professional suspension is our hanging method specifically made to hang Photo Canvas in an easy and convenient way. Thanks to the small teeth on the suspensions, you will be able to easily adjust your Photo Canvas after hanging.

Available for: Photo Canvas, Soundproofing Canvas


  • Not visible from the front
  • The suspension does not need to be screwed onto the frame, it can simply be plugged in
  • Hangers easily fit into the canvas frame and can be repositioned easily

Available to order separately: Yes, you can order individual mountings in the Accessories section of our webshop.

Professional Suspension

2 cm Professional Suspension:

Professional Suspension 2 cm

4 cm Professional Suspension:

Professional Suspension 4 cm

Assembly instructions

Materials Required:

  • Your Wall Art Photo Canvas with hangers
  • A pencil
  • A level (optional, but useful)
  • A tape measure
  • Nails or screws (consider the weight of the canvas and the wall material when choosing)
  • A hammer or screwdriver, according to your chosen fastener
  1. Choose where you want to hang your Wall Art Photo Canvas. Mark the spot lightly with a pencil where you want the canvas to be.
  2. Then, measure the distance from the top of the canvas to the hanger.
  3. Using the distance from the top of the canvas to the hangers, mark where the screw or nail should be driven into the wall. This is a good moment to use your level and ensure the marks are straight.
  4. Using a hammer or screwdriver, carefully install the nail or screw at the spot you marked. Leave a small portion protruding from the wall for the hanger to rest on. Then, align and hang the Photo Canvas.
  5. Once the canvas is hanging, step back and look at it from a few different angles to make sure it’s straight and at the desired height. If needed, adjust the nail or screw to change the angle or height of the piece, or use the teeth in the suspension to better adjust the Photo Canvas.

Congratulations your Wall Art is now hanging on the wall.

Photo Canvas Assembly