Product sets

Product sets

As well as selling individual photo products, you can also create product sets and add them to your price list. This allows you to offer your customers a range of photo products and digital files at a single price.
Any product sets you create can be found in the Product sets menu in the Sales panel. As with price lists, you can modify them at any time and create as many as you need.

Product sets panel

You can create a product set from this panel by clicking Add. Or from the configuration menu of a price list. Under Your Product sets you will see the option to create a new one.

New product set button in price list editor

Clicking on new will bring up a menu where you can create the product set.

Product sets new menu

You will need to give it a Title, which is for internal use only and will only be visible to you. A Publishing title, which is the name it will have in the gallery where you activate it, you can enter the same if you wish. And a Description, which will also be public in the gallery where you activate it.
Once you have filled in the basic settings, you can add products to your product set by clicking Add. A list of all available photo products will be displayed. You can add as many products as you like, specifying their characteristics.

List of products to add

Each selected product is added as a list to the corresponding product set menu. This is where you select the quantity of each product to be included in your product set.

Products added to product set

When you are finished, click Save. The product set that you have created will be available for you to activate when you configure a price list.

Activate a product set in a price list

When setting up the price list for one of your galleries, you’ll have the option to activate any product sets you’ve created. Upon activation, you’ll see two boxes with the following information:

Product set added to price list with price

Purchasing price: This box shows the cost of purchasing the product set. It’s important to take this into account when setting the price.
Price in {0}: Enter the price of the product set on this specific price list.
Your price: This field shows the total cost of producing the product set.
Service fee: This is the Photo portal fee, which is always 0 as we do not charge any fees or commissions on your sales.
Your profit: The profit you’ll make based on the price you set.
Show info about total price savings: By activating this option, a box will appear for you to input the price that the products included on the product set would have if it were not ordered through the product set. This information will be visible to your end customer on the gallery during ordering, ensuring they are aware of the discount applied by ordering the product set.

Gallery displaying savings with Product set

Upsell: Additional Downloads

Activating this option allows you to offer digital files as an upsell alongside to the product set. You can customize it as follows:
Upsell option activated

Images included: Selecting All images ordered in the product set will add the digital files of the ordered photos to the product set. Selecting All images (entire gallery and sub-galleries) will add all the digital files of the gallery and sub galleries.
Type: Selecting as a free bonus will add the digital files free of charge when the order is completed. Selecting with surcharge will bring up a Price box for you to enter the desired price for this upsell.
Customers will be presented with the option to add the digital files as an upsell once the product set has been added to their cart. A message will indicate whether it’s a free addition or with an extra charge. If the customer chooses to upgrade by clicking the Upgrade Now button, the digital files will be added to the shopping cart. Once the order has been completed, the digital files will be sent by email.

Upgrade now option