Order Management

Order Management

In this menu you’ll find an overview of all orders placed for your images and projects, along with their status. The information is displayed as follows:
Date: Indicates the date the order was placed.
Order Number: This is the unique identifier assigned to each client’s order, allowing them to track their order.
Invoice Number: Displays the reference number when an invoice is generated.
Status: Provides information on the current status of the order, such as Delivered, In production, Cancelled or Waiting for production image. In the latter case, you will need to take action to complete the order.
Type: Indicates the shipping method selected by the customer.
Total: Indicates the amount your customer has spent on the order.
Your profit: Indicates the amount you earned from the order.
Name: Displays the name of your customer.
Order management

In the top right corner you’ll find some useful tools:
Download: By clicking on this button, you can download a CSV file containing all the information about your orders.
Search: This function allows you to search for a specific order by entering relevant information.
Filter: Clicking on this button will display various filtering options, allowing you to filter the orders displayed by status or date.
Refresh: This button refreshes the information displayed here.
To view the details of an order, simply click on it. Inside each order you will find detailed information about the order itself, as well as the client.

Waiting for production image

If you’ve previously activated the Manually release orders option in the Sales and bill settings menu, or enabled the Replace images before ordering option in the Sales settings of a gallery, you may see this status for certain orders.

This status indicates that manual action is required on your part to initiate production. To proceed, click on the order with this status and follow the necessary steps.