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Turn your photo into a piece of art: the high-quality GalleryPrint

The GalleryPrint combines proven Saal Digital quality with new aesthetics. The combination of direct printing on acrylic and a reinforcing aluminum plate creates a unique effect. Additionally, the GalleryPrint offers the highest resolution and maximum sharpness through 7-color UV direct printing with light colors. The GalleryPrint puts your favorite photo in its best light and can transform any room into an art gallery.
  • Direct printing on acrylic (0,07"), reinforced by an aluminum plate (0,11")
  • Available in matte or glossy finish
  • 7-color UV direct printing, including light colors
  • Aluminum subframe, standard mounting and standoffs available

Choose from two amazing finishes!

The GalleryPrint wall print is available in two different finishes – gloss or matte. The glossy finish offers a brilliant finish with breathtaking vibrancy. The matte version prevents reflections while delivering superior depth. See for yourself!

Impressive, unique pieces with an exquisite finish

The innovative combination of an acrylic surface with a stabilising aluminium composite sheet provides an impressive choice for printing your photographs. With the Gallery Print, you benefit from the best properties of both materials: your photo has staggering brilliance and depth and is also durable and inherently stable.
Design your own personal memento with the GalleryPrint, and bring the luxurious gallery look to your home. The remarkable finish of this Wall Art transforms your image into an impressive piece of art and is sure to be the center of attention in any room. Create your own masterpiece!

Different mounting solutions for your Wall Art

Aluminium subframe

Aluminum subframe

The aluminum subframe is pre-attached to the back of the Wall Art. With about 0.4 in of space between the picture and wall, your Wall Art will appear as if floating in the air.

  • Subframe not visible from the front
  • Available in all sizes
  • Indoor use only
  • Pre-mounted on Decor
  • Nails/screws not included
  • Further details and assembly


The product already comes with the pilot holes — you only need to attach the screws.

  • The standoffs are not pre-mounted.
  • The heads of the standoffs are visible from the front.
  • Available for select sizes only
  • Further details and assembly
Standard mounting

Standard mounting

Our standard mounting makes hanging your Wall Art easy and effortless, as it only needs to be affixed to the back of the print.

  • Mount not visible from the front
  • Comes with wall spacers for self-attachment
  • Indoor use only
  • Available for specific Wall Art formats
  • Further details and assembly
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