Here you will find the different subscriptions available for you to choose from. Subscriptions can be changed from here at any time. Just select the one you want and click on the Change subscription button that will appear. You will also find information about the next billing date for your subscription and cancellation dates, if applicable.

Subscriptions menu


By default, new accounts start with this subscription, which provides 5 GB of storage. This will increase to 10 GB once you have completed all the steps to create your account, that is, once you have completed the to-do list on the Sales panel.

Saal Cloud Storage

This subscription increases your storage to 200 GB.

Saal Prio

This subscription gives you 1 TB of storage for all your projects and images.
Moreover, it includes free standard delivery on all your orders with a minimum order value of just $20 which also applies to Saal Photo Portal orders, ensuring that both you and your customers enjoy free shipping.