Share settings

Share settings

In this menu you will find the tools to share your images and galleries with your contacts and clients. It is also necessary to activate this option if you want to sell your images. The first time you click on Share settings, a screen will ask you to activate sharing.

Activate sharing

Once activated, various options will appear to allow you to customise how your gallery is shared. The Shared link created that leads to your gallery will be visible here. You can copy and paste this link manually, or simply click Open to open the Shared link to your gallery. This way you can see how users will see the gallery.

Share gallery menu

There are further options to configure how your gallery is shared. You will see that the title written in your Gallery settings has been copied as the default title for your gallery’s shared link. You can overwrite the title to appear in the shared link as the title of your gallery if you wish. Furthermore, you can also overwrite the description for your gallery if you wish.

Override gallery description

If you have previously enabled languages in your Sales, you can add the translated title and description for your gallery shared link here by clicking Translate. The enabled languages will be displayed for you to fill in.


Finally, you can activate the option to publish the gallery on your profile page. This way, besides accessing the gallery through the shared link, users will be able to visit it through your Profile page, along with other galleries you have published there.

Publish on profile page

Secure with a password

If you wish, you can password protect your gallery. This way only users who know the password can access it. You will need to manually tell users the password to access the gallery.

Secure with password

You can also activate the Require registration option. This will require the user accessing the shared link to register.

Require registration

As soon as a user register for the gallery, they will be listed in the gallery’s information menu.

User listed in gallery

And if the user is new, they will be added to your contacts.

User on contacts

You will see that if the Require registration option is active, the First user assigns password option will appear. You can enable this, which means that the first user who logs in to this gallery sets the password for the gallery.

Send shared link to contacts

Below the Shared link, you will find the different options to send and share your gallery with users. You can Copy Share Link to send it to the users of your choice via your preferred method or platform. Click on Send by e-mail to send the link by e-mail. This will automatically open the default software that you have selected on your device to send emails. Or you can send the shared link to your contacts via email directly from Photo Portal by clicking Share with contacts.

Share link options

When you select this option, you will see the contacts and group of contact that you have previously added. You can select the ones you want to send the shared link to. If you wish, you can add more contacts here by clicking Add.

Select contacts

Once you have selected the contacts who will receive the email with the shared link to your gallery, you need to click Continue. A new window will appear where you can write the text that will accompany your shared link. If you have already created E-mail templates in the Sales, you can select one from the available drop-down menu. You will also notice that the contacts you previously selected are already included. When you are finished, click on Send Message and these contacts will receive the message written next to your gallery’s shared link.

Send message

Once you have configured the gallery share settings, click on Save. You will see that the status of your gallery has changed.

Gallery status

Sharing a single image

As well as sharing a gallery link, you can also share a single image link within your gallery. To do this, go to the Galleries menu and open the gallery containing the image you want to share. Select the image to display a right-hand menu with tools and information about the selected photo. Below the Functions heading is the Copy image link button. Clicking this button will copy the link to that particular image, which you can then paste wherever you want to share it.
Please ensure that the gallery containing the image has previously been shared in order for the image link to be shared successfully.

Copy image link button

If the gallery has the Allow ordering option activated, the shared image link will allow users to order that specific image according to the associated price list.