Gallery settings

Gallery settings

In this menu you can configure the presentation of your gallery.

Gallery settings menu

First you will find the Basics settings where you can change the title, add a description with personalised styles such as bold, underline, italics, numbers and bullets, and choose a photography type for your gallery. Please note that these details are for internal use. By default, it will be copied as the Title and Description of your shared link, but you can overwrite this information in your shared link in the Share Settingsmenu.
Below you will find different settings for your gallery. You have the option to show an image as a header of your gallery, which will be visible at the top of the gallery’s shared link.


If you want you can activate the option to use this header image exclusively for that function, and not show it inside your gallery.

Show title image option

Photos within a gallery can include a title and description. They can be added when selecting a photo, on the right column. You can activate the option to display the title and description of the photo in your shared gallery.

Photo title on gallery option

You can also activate the Watermark, Comments and Show Feedback Button functions in this section. For more details on these options, please refer to the corresponding content.
Following these options, you will find the tools to modify the appearance of your gallery.

Display options

You even have the option of independently selecting the display mode on mobile devices.

Mobile view

Once you have finished configuring your gallery settings, click Save.

Image settings

When you select a photo in a gallery, a right-hand column will appear with information and functions relating to that specific photo, as follows:

Gallery right column

General info: The creation date, file size, dimensions and last order information are displayed at the top of the column. You can change the file name of the photo by clicking on the wrench icon.
Commercial Stats: Displays information on the number of times the photo has been purchased and revenue (if applicable), along with the view for the specific photo.
Comments: Open a comment window to view existing comments and add new ones. The gallery settings must allow comments, and the gallery must be shared for other users to add comments.
Copy: This button allows you to duplicate the selected photo in another gallery or subgallery already created.
Move to: Use this function to move the selected image to another gallery or sub-gallery already created, removing it from the current one.
Copy image link: Clicking this button copies the shared link for that particular photo, which you can then paste and share as needed. Note that the gallery must allow sharing for this link to work.
Create Caption: Use this option to create a printable QR card that will links to the specific photo when scanned. Note that the sharing settings must be enabled for this to work. In addition, if the gallery is set for sale, the photo can be made directly available for purchase by scanning, according to the set configuration.
Delete: This will remove the photo from your gallery.
Selling price list: The Use price list from gallery option is checked by default. This means that if the gallery is configured for selling, the photo will inherit the gallery's price list. However, you can use this box to select an alternative price list for the specific photo.
Title: This field allows you to give your photo a title.
Description: In this field you can enter a description for your photo.
Don't forget to click Save changes when you are done.

Gallery main image configuration

Within a gallery, you will see that there is a pre-selected image in the right column. This image, by default, will work as the header of your gallery once shared.

Gallery main image

You can choose another image by clicking on Change main image. A window will appear where you can select another image from the gallery, or opt to upload other image to work as the main image of your gallery.

Main image photo options

You can also make adjustments to your gallery main image by clicking on Edit image button.

Edit gallery main image

If your gallery is already shared, and you open the shared link, you will see the gallery main image working as a header of your gallery.

Gallery with main image

You have the option to remove the header from your gallery if you want. To do this, you need to open Gallery settings of your gallery and deactivate Show Main image. In the Gallery settings, you can also activate the option Main image only as a header, so that the main image only works as the header of your gallery.

Main image only as header option