QR Codes: Customer Workflow

QR Codes: Customer Workflow

Creating a QR gallery involves generating QR cards based on your gallery settings. These cards need to be printed for the photo shoot. To print them, click the download button on the main page or select QR Codes from the right hand menu, where you can also create additional cards. For more information, see this QR Codes menu.
You will notice that each card is divided into two sections:
Upper section: Contains instructions and a QR code for the person being photographed. This part is for the customer.
Bottom section: Contains a privacy agreement for the subject to sign. Once signed, you must keep this section.

QR Card Example

Handling the QR Cards

The workflow to follow with QR Cards is as follows:
1 The QR Cards have to be handed over to the client before the shooting takes place. Clients can also register online before the shooting day.
2 They must sign the privacy agreement before the shooting. Once signed, keep the signed part of the QR card.
3 You must photograph the QR card before photographing the person. This QR photo must be uploaded to the gallery for sorting. For more information, please read the Step-by-step guide

QR Gallery published

Once you have all your photos prepared and published to the galleries, you need to notify the client. They will then be able to access their QR Gallery. Note that notifications can also be managed automatically, for more information please read the Email workflow article.
Customers can access their galleries by scanning the QR code or using the link on the card. They can then browse and select photos to order.

Ordering from multiple QR galleries

Customers may have access to multiple QR Galleries, such as school photo shoots involving multiple family members. It's possible to order from different galleries in one shopping basket. Once a customer logs in and accesses a second gallery, any items added to the basket from the first gallery are retained. This way, customers can easily add photos from the second gallery to their existing selections in the basket.

Shopping basket with items from 2 QR galleries