Workflow: Steps guide

Step-by-step guide

To create QR Galleries, follow these simple steps:

1. Download QR Codes

First, click Download to get all the QR cards you’ll need for the photo shoot. This action will download a PDF file containing all the pre-defined QR cards. We recommend that you print this file and bring it with you to the shoot. You will need to give each participant a QR card, either printed or digital, so that they can later access their gallery by scanning the QR code or following the link provided. These cards also include a consent form for each participant to sign, giving their permission for the photo shoot.

2. Photo shoot

At the start of the photo shoot, make sure you photograph each QR code first, followed by pictures of the person it corresponds to.

3. Upload

Once you have taken the photos, upload them to the gallery. You can either click on Upload images directly or click on Add images, Add images. Choose where you saved the photos and don’t forget to upload the QR code photos along with the rest of the images.

QR Gallery with uploaded images

4. Sort

Once uploaded, you will notice that QR code photos are automatically detected, and a Start sorting automatically button appears. Clicking it will automatically organise photos into galleries for each QR code generated, including within each gallery all photos taken after the QR photo. Note that the QR photo will not be displayed in the published gallery.

QR gallery with images sorted

Assign QR code manually: If the QR code is not automatically detected on the image, you can also assign it manually. When you select an image, the Assign QR code to image button becomes available in the right menu. When you click this button, a window will open where you can enter the QR code to be assigned to the image. When you have entered it, click Ok. The corresponding QR code will now be assigned to the selected image.

5. Gallery customisation

You can access each gallery by clicking on the Edit button to the right of each gallery. Once inside a gallery, you can add more images, delete images, and customise settings and features independently of other galleries. For example, you can change the gallery title or select an alternative display mode and appearance for that particular gallery.

Inside one QR Gallery

You can easily move photos between different galleries if needed. To do this, first select the photo you want to move. Once selected, options and information about the photo will appear in the right column. Click the Move to button and select the gallery to which you want to move the photo.

Photo selected

6. Publish and sell

By default, galleries are automatically published based on the start date set when they were created. If you wish to override this date, click the Publish and Start Selling button located in the Edit Gallery column. Once clicked, the galleries will be published, and notifications will be sent to all registered customers. The galleries can then be accessed by either scanning the QR code or clicking on the link provided. The photos will be available for purchase according to the settings you have specified.

QR Gallery on sale

Galleries will automatically cease to be published on the predetermined end date. However, if you want to unpublish them manually, click the Stop publishing button.


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