Orders menu

Photo Job — Orders menu

The Orders menu conveniently displays all orders made within the Photo Job, allowing you to efficiently track and manage sales. It can be accessed by clicking the Orders button in the right column within a Photo Job. A column on the right provides a quick overview of the orders and profit generated within the Photo Job. Detailed information is presented in a table format:

Orders Menu within Photo Job

Date: Indicates the date the order was placed.
Groups (galleries): Indicates the group in which the order was placed. Clicking on it will open the corresponding gallery.
Gallery: Shows the specific QR gallery where the order was placed. A click on it will open the gallery.
Name: Displays the name of the customer who placed the order.
Order number: This is the unique identifier assigned to each client’s order, allowing them to track their order.
Invoice number: Displays the reference number when an invoice is generated.
Order status: Provides information on the current status of the order, such as Delivered, In production, Cancelled or Waiting for production image. In the latter case, you will need to take action to complete the order.
Total: Indicates the amount your customer has spent on the order.
Your profit: Indicates the amount you earned from the order.

There is also a wrench icon which will take you to the Order Management menu for that particular order. For more information see the Order Management article.
Note that, when accessing the orders menu within a group inside a Photo Job, only orders of that group will be shown.