Wall Decor mounting options

On this page, you’ll discover the mounting options we offer, as well as which products they’re compatible with and how they’re assembled. You can also order our standard mounting separately and use it for your other projects.

Standard mounts

standard mounting

The standard mounting option allows you to hang your Wall Decors easily and with little effort. They just need to be stuck to the back.

  • Not visible from the front
  • Standard mounts and wall spacers are included with your order and require assembly
  • Suitable for indoor use only
  • For limited sizes only
  • Nails or screws not included

Assembly Instructions

Mounting standard instruction

Peel off the protective film attached to the standard mounts, and attach them to the back of your Wall Decor, spaced as desired. We recommend cleaning the surface beforehand. Press down on the mount for approximately 10 seconds, and leave it for half an hour before hanging on a wall. Then, glue the transparent elastic buffers onto your Wall Decor as spacers.

Depending on the type of wall, you can simply hang your image on two nails or screws.

Standard Mounting

Aluminum subframe

aluminium subframe mounting

You can opt to have the aluminum subframe pre-fixed on the back of your Wall Decor. With about 0.4 in between the picture and the wall, it has the appearance of floating in the air.

  • Not visible from the front
  • Available for all sizes
  • For indoor use only
  • Pre-mounted on Wall Decors
  • Nails or screws for hanging not included

Assembly Instructions

Mounting subframe instruction

You can quickly and easily attach your Wall Decor to the wall with the aluminum subframe. Depending on the type of wall, you only need two nails or screws to hang the rail. No need for eyelets or similar fastening aids.

Mount your picture using the subframe in conjunction with a rope suspension system to achieve a gallery look. Just hook the cable under the rail, and attach the other end to the ceiling or wall as required. This works particularly well for exhibitions!


standoff mounting

With this option, your Wall Decor will be delivered with the standoffs and pre-made holes.

  • The standoffs are not pre-mounted.
  • The heads of the standoffs are visible from the front.
  • Available for select sizes

Assembly Instructions

Mounting standoff instruction
Standoffs with a metallic look are particularly suitable for mounting signs and the like, especially outdoors. This requires pre-drilling four holes in the wall for mounting. The screw heads are screwed onto the housing on the front of the Wall Decor and are visible from the front. A particularly impressive mounting option!

Professional Screw Suspension

Mounting instructions photocanvas
Two corner hangers, ten screws and four felt spacers are included in your order. Glue the four felt pads to the corners, and attach the mounts to your canvas with its floating frame using the enclosed screws. Depending on the type of the wall, you can simply hang the floating frame using two nails or screws (not included).

Stretching your Canvas

Mounting instructions photocanvas 2
If the tension in the canvas fabric relaxes over time, you can readjust it with the four wedges that accompany your order. Just tuck them into the holes provided to apply more tension to your canvas.
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