Where is my order?

How can I know if my order has been successful?

If wen have succesfully received your order, you will get an order confirmation via e-mail.


  • If you did not receive the e-mail, please do not forget to check your spam folder.
  • Occasionally, it might take some time before you receive the e-mail.

I did not receive the order confirmation. What should I do?

If there is still no order confirmation after hours of waiting, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team. You can do this by filling in the form in the following page.

We will then look into the problem and get back to you with more information. It happens sometimes that the upload is not successful, or that the data has been damaged. We will also inform you whether or not you have to place the order once again.


  • Before placing the order once again
    Please always contact our customer support team first before attempting to place the order again.
  • Payment with Paypal
    If you have selected PayPal as payment method, you will see the authorisation in your PayPal account. However, the amount will not be deducted from your account if the data has not been successfully transmitted to us. The authorisation will then be automatically cancelled. It may take up to 2 weeks.
  • Upload was interrupted
    If the upload was interrupted, please contact our customer support team via the form in the following page immediately. Include as many details as possible and a screenshot of the error message if there is one. We will then look into the problem and get back to you with more information.

Important: Please DO NOT repeat the ordering process before contacting our customer support team or before receiving any feedback from us.

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