Overview of paper density

Here is an overview of the density of different paper types available.

Photo prints:

  • glossy 250g/m²
  • matte 234g/m²
  • silk 232g/m²


We use Fuji Crystal Archive Album for our photobooks. The paper is 0.16mm thick. With our lay-flat binding, two pages are attached to each other on the back. Therefore, each page is around 0.34mm thick incl. glue, and has a total grammage of around 368g/m².

Photobook XT:

Our photobook XT is flush mounted. Each page is 1.08mm thick with a grammage of 600g/m².


  • FineArt Baryta 325g/m²
  • FineArt Pearl 285g/m²
  • PhotoRag® 308g/m²


  • glossy 250g/m²
  • matte 234g/m²
  • silk 232g/m²
  • metallic 240g/m²
  • pearl 255g/m²
  • flex 255g/m²

Calenders (photographically printed):

  • Fujifilm Crystal Archive Supreme 231g/m²

Calendars (six-colour printing)/Table calendars:

- Premium paper: 200g/m²

Calendars (art print):

- Art-print paper: 250g/m²

Photo booklets/Photo flips:

- Premium paper: 200g/m²

Greeting cards:

- Paper classic: 300g/m²

- Paper structured: 300g/m²

- Paper pearl: 300g/m²

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