Monitor calibration

The colour temperature of the monitor should be 5000 kelvin (D50), and the light temperature in your room should be the same (5000 kelvin) while you are viewing the print or the final product. 5000 kelvin (D50) is standard in the printing industry.

6500 kelvin will sometimes also be used, but the colour temperature is somehow colder (more bluisher), and thus will affect the final result.

Kelvin is often used in the measurement of the colour temperature of light sources. D50 is short for Daylight 5000 kelvin. D65 is short for 6500 kelvin and is more bluisher than D50.

Monitor settings:

The correct preset of the monitor is the most important precondition of the colour management:

  • The brightness of the monitor should lie between 90 and 120 cd/qm.
  • The colour temperature must be set at 5.000 kelvin (D50).
  • The monitor gamma should be adjusted to 2.2.