Cutting and folding tolerances

Production and manufacturing tolerances are, unfortunately, unavoidable, although we put a great amount of effort to minimise these. Tolerances are present in every production and a permissible amount of deviation will result from this.


Cutting and folding tolerances: 

The implementation of machine processing can lead to cutting and folding tolerances. Tolerances of +/- 1 mm lie within the accepted range. If the product is crooked, there is no cutting tolerance. 


How do you avoid cutting tolerances? 

If you want to have a white or coloured border around your photo, we recommend that you design a large enough frame. As a recommendation, you should have a border thickness of 1 cm. Also, place all the important elements, either completely within or far enough away from the trimming line.

Cutting and folding tolerances


What is a bleed? 

A bleed is an addition to the final format. The file (including all images and colour areas) is made larger on all sides in order to ensure that there is no white flashing at the end during the final trimming due to cutting tolerances.