Current delivery times

Will my delivery be here in time for the holidays?

You can find the projected delivery times directly on our homepage at  In addition to the start page, you can always find the current delivery times using:


Check quickly and easily online

The above links give you the necessary information about our delivery times. Please note that you will receive the same statement through a phone request, which are provided in the table.
A look at the website is much easier, faster and more convenient for you.

Query about the desired date

In the table you can easily and comfortably insert your desired date into the last column of the table (Desired Delivery Date). Now, you can see at a glance (with the green check mark)   Current delivery times, whether your delivery will arrive on your desired date (first delivery attempt).

When will I not receive my order for my desired date?

If the last column (Desired Delivery Date) has a strike through Current delivery timesrather than a check mark, your delivery will not be able to arrive in time for the desired date.

Additional factors that influence the delivery time

Please note that the delivery times of DHL, as well as the weather, have a considerable influence on the delivery date.

Influence the delivery date with the shipping method

In addition, you can influence the delivery date by selecting the shipping method.
You can choose in the column delivery time between the shipping types DHL Standard Current delivery timesand DHL Express Current delivery times. This may change the delivery date.