50 % Discount on Sample Products

Examples of sample photo products.

Present your portfolio

Are you a professional photographer, graphic artist, or are you active in a creative way? Have you been looking for a way to present your portfolio in a sophisticated way and would also like to bring your work closer to your customers with tangible samples?

Create a professional sales tool with the Saal Digital sample products, which presents your most important pictures in HighEnd quality. Apply now using the form below and you will receive a voucher code for your sample photobooks.

Customize the design of your samples

Discover the different products such as photobooks, wall decorations and cards! Get to know the different surfaces and create the portfolio that best reflects your style from the multitude of options.

Present the wide range of possibilities to your customers and use the products as a reference that your customers can not only see, but also experience firsthand! You will enjoy the absolute design freedom offered by the Saal Design software with its diverse functions.

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Voucher Conditions for Sample Products

  • On the front , the word "sample" must be clearly visible and legible with a minimum font size of 30 pt
  • The sample products can only be ordered separately from other products
  • The 50% voucher can not be combined with other vouchers or promotions
  • Shipping is not included in the discount
  • Gift boxes can only be ordered as a sample when paired with a sample photobook
  • The voucher is not valid for our sample sets.

How to label the sample product

It must be obvious that the photobooks are samples. In other words, there must be the word "sample" or another similar expression on the front cover, such as "sample photobook" or "sample portfolio". The font must be at least 30pt in size.

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