Wooden Hanger

Wooden Hanger

The Wooden Hanger allows you to hang your poster or print using an easy to set up magnetic system. One pair of wooden bars fits over the top of the print and another pair fits over the bottom. The image is held in place by magnets built into the frame.

Available for: Posters, FineArt prints

Wooden Hanger


  • Material: Beech wood
  • FSC certified
  • Available in multiple formats
  • 2 mm cotton cord for easy hanging
  • High-quality beech wood
  • The wooden bar covers 17 mm of the top and bottom of the image

Available to order separately: No, it has to be ordered alongside a Poster or FineArt print.

Wooden Hanger Mounted

Assembly instructions

First, you will need to secure your print between the magnetic wooden bars, you can simply hang it by the cord using a simple screw or nail.