Resolution, colour space and file formats

Resolution, colour space and file formats

To achieve an optimal digital file for printing, you need to set up the resolution, colour space and file formats for each product.


To get the optimal file resolution for a high quality print, please find for each product range you will find a professional section with the exact dimensions and resolutions for each product.

Colour Space


You can use image files in sRGB (sRGB IEC61966-2.1), Adobe RGB (1998) and ProPhoto RGB for photo prints. If you use image files in Adobe RGB (1998), please make sure that the profile has the right name Adobe RGB (1998). Only in this way can it be correctly recognised and processed.For multi-image products (collages) we recommend that the colour space of the files is identical.

The following colour spaces are not accepted:

  • Image files with embedded camera colour profiles
  • Image files in CMYK or ECI colour space
  • Special colours, such as HKS, RAL, Pantone cannot be produced


If a greyscale image in the RGB colour space does not have identical colour values, a colour cast can occur in the image. You must check that the RGB values are identical and adjust the image if necessary before ordering.

Greyscale image with and without colour cast

File Formats

Saal Digital supports the following file formats:

  • Saal Design Software: JPG, PNG, HEIC, TIFF (8 Bit)
  • Webshop: JPG, PNG, HEIC, TIFF (8 bit), PDF
  • iOS App: JPG, PNG, HEIC and TIFF (8 Bit).
  • Android App: JPG, PNG (8 Bit)

File size

Please note that due to technical limitations the maximum file size for uploading is limited. If your file exceeds this limit, please reduce the file size accordingly.

Here are the maximum file sizes for different platforms:

  • Desktop Software (AIR Client): Maximum 150 MB (157,286,400 bytes)
  • Webshop: Maximum 200 MB
  • Android App: Maximum image dimensions 35 megapixels (e.g., 7000 width x 5000 height)
  • iOS App: Maximum 48 MB (50,000,000 bytes).


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