Art Print

Art Print

Technical specifications and product features

  • Finish: Textured structure and matte finish.
  • Grammage: 260 g/m²
  • Thickness: 0.41 mm
  • Writability: Ballpoint pen, Ink, Pencil, permanent marker
  • Fingerprints: Fingerprints not visible
  • Production Technology: digital offset print
  • Back printing available for photo prints only: Date / Order number / Product number / File name
  • FSC® certified: Yes
  • Material: Up to 50% recycled content

ICC Profile

  • Colour space: CMYK
  • Preserve CMYK Numbers: deactivate
  • Rendering Intent: Perceptual
  • Black Point Compensation: activate
  • Simulate Paper Colour: deactivate
  • Download ICC Profile

Cleaning Advice

We do not recommend using water to clean this surface. If necessary, please use a dry and soft microfiber cloth.

Available in the following products

This surface is available for Calendars, Photo Booklets, Photo Prints, Photo Sets, Print Bundles.

Discover the surface in our product video