Technical specifications and product features

  • Surface: Glossy, smooth finish
  • Material: Acrylic Glass
  • Thickness: 5 mm
  • Weight: 5.94 kg/m²
  • Durability: Min. 2 years (temperatures between -13 and 230 F)
  • Not recommended for: damp rooms, high temperatures, outdoors (not weather resistant), as kitchen back splash
  • Fire Protection Class: E (not flammable), classified according to EN 13501-1
  • Production process: UV direct printing
  • White tone: The white tone is slightly yellowish and gives the picture a warm tone.
  • An opaque film is attached to the rear side of the acrylic plate. This film is not translucent.

ICC Profile

  • Color space: CMYK
  • Preserve CMYK Numbers: Deactivate
  • Rendering Intent: Perceptual
  • Black Point Compensation: Activate
  • Simulate Paper Color: Deactivate
  • Download ICC Profile

Cleaning Advice

You can use a synthetic or glass cleaner with an extra soft microfiber cloth to clean this surface. Please, apply minimal pressure in order to avoid scratches.

Available in the following products

This product is available for Wall Art, Photo Plaques and Professional Line Photo Books.

Discover the surface in our product video