Use Photo Portal for your Kindergarten and School Photography

Kindergarten & School Photography

With Saal Photo Portal

Organize and sell school and kindergarten photos effortlessly with Photo Portal. Streamline your workflow with QR-codes and create stunning individual and group galleries for parents. Begin risk-free with zero commission fees and 10 GB of free storage!

Kindergarten & School Photography

Adapted to Your Workflow

Whatever your gallery, project, or workflow needs may be, we have the solutions to cover them all.

Professional Discount

Enjoy a 35% discount on photo products manufactured by our lab, sold directly to your clients.

Your Fulfillment Partner

We cover payment processing, billing, email workflows, production, shipping and customer care.

Full Revenue from Downloads

Retain all profits from digital downloads sold via your galleries, without any commission fees.

No Commissions

Keep 100% of the profits from your photo product and download sales.

How It Works

  • Simple Job Setup: Define groups and participant count
  • Easy Registration: Pre-registration, CSV, or access cards
  • Successful Photo Day: Take photos and sort with QR codes
  • Auto Gallery Creation: Instant sorting and gallery setup
  • Online Parent Orders: Parents log in and order photo products
  • Lab Fulfillment: Saal-managed production and delivery

Quick Start in 3 Steps

Basic Settings

Begin by providing your account and billing details. Accept our GDPR policy, choose a subscription type, and set up your preferred payout method.

Price List

Create your initial price list in the Sales section. Select from a variety of products to sell, and define your profit margin to ensure profitability.

Gallery Creation

Establish your first gallery (standard or QR code). Associate your price list in the gallery settings, publish it, and you’re ready to sell your work!

QR Code Automated Sorting

Easily generate QR code cards for each participant in your photo sessions, streamlining the process of sorting images into individual galleries. These cards include customizable text for GDPR-compliant consent and access instructions. If participant data is pre-collected via online registration or CSV data import, this information can be printed directly on the cards, simplifying workflow management. By photographing participants’ QR codes followed by their portraits, uploaded photos are automatically sorted into the correct individual galleries.

Structured Photo Jobs

Our Photo Jobs feature is designed to replicate the structure of volume photography jobs at institutions like schools, organizations, companies, or large events and celebrations, offering a group setup that restricts access to shared galleries exclusively to members of the relevant group. This organization aids in managing and overviewing various groups efficiently.

Online Registration

Facilitate the collection of participant data before the photo day with a dedicated URL or QR code. This pre-registration process saves time, ensures GDPR compliance by gathering consent in advance, and makes participants’ information available in the contact section of the job or QR code gallery. The online form enables participants to select their group and provides essential information for the photo day, including subsequent gallery access notifications via email workflows.

CSV List Import

CSV List Import allows you to efficiently onboard customers and participants by importing pre-existing data directly into the system. This feature streamlines the process by pre-filling QR Code cards with participant data, integrating seamlessly with email workflows for enhanced communication. It’s ideal for preparing for photo days, as it eliminates manual data collection and leverages automated sorting to organize photos.

Manual Sorting

Manual Sorting offers a flexible alternative for photographers who prefer not to use QR Codes. By simply selecting the first photo of each participant within a folder, our system automatically creates individual galleries for each person. This method simplifies the organization of photos without the need for QR Code cards, offering an efficient workflow for any photo day.

Groups and Individual Sub-galleries

Groups & Individual Sub-galleries within a job offer tailored access for participants. Individual sub-galleries, dedicated to each photographed participant, grant exclusive access via a unique URL or QR code, with optional registration for added security. Group sub-galleries are accessible to all members of a specific group, streamlining access without the need for separate QR codes, ensuring that only relevant group members can view and order from these galleries.

Product Sets and Downloads

Product Sets and Downloads enhance the volume photography experience by offering customizable packages. Tailor offerings with physical prints, photo products, and digital downloads to suit group or individual needs. Leverage promotions and vouchers to incentivize timely orders, allowing for flexible and targeted marketing strategies within both group and individual sub-galleries. This feature adapts to the unique demands of volume photography, providing a comprehensive solution for selling and sharing images.

Let’s Begin Your Journey

Explore Saal Photo Portal: create galleries, projects, and sell images easily. Sign up for free to explore independently or book a demo for a guided walkthrough tailored to your workflow. Start building your digital showcase now!

Explore Our Demo Gallery

Explore our interactive demo gallery tailored for Kindergarten and School photographers. See how your clients will view, interact, and purchase with ease. From group galleries and instant feedback to secure watermarking and full gallery downloads — every feature is designed to increase your sales revenue and enhance customer satisfaction.

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