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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Who can use the Photo Portal?

The Photo Portal is designed for photographers, designers, digital artists, and businesses seeking to digitize their services, enabling online galleries and orders to enhance revenue. It offers marketing automation tools and specialized workflows for photographers, boosting productivity. Additionally, it serves as a storage and sharing platform to collect feedback from clients. The platform accommodates a wide range of use cases.

What type of photography businesses do you support?

Our tool is ideal for studio photography, portraits, weddings, family, baby, illustration, landscape, travel, and more. We offer specific workflows, such as photo jobs and QR code galleries, to automate picture sorting for volume photography jobs like preschool and school photography, sports, events, and concerts.

Can galleries be protected for specific user access?

Yes, you can secure gallery access in three ways: requiring user registration and login, protecting galleries with a password, or sharing a direct link with a specific code for user-exclusive access.

How do payouts work, and will I receive an invoice?

In the settlements section, you’ll see detailed monthly order, revenue, and profit summaries. Mid-month, we generate a settlement invoice reflecting your profit, which is automatically transferred to your chosen payout method, be it a bank account or PayPal.

How does billing work for the end customer?

We handle billing, including invoice customization with your logo, and manage payment processing to eliminate fees for you. Invoices are automatically sent to the end customer with shipping confirmation.

Can I sell file downloads?

Yes, we support file downloads in various resolutions, bundled in product sets or as a complete gallery download package, with all revenue from downloads going directly to you.

What is the typical turnaround time for shipping, and who pays for it?

Shipping times vary, usually around one week in most countries, with specific details per country available on our website. Normally, the end customer covers shipping costs, but Saal Prio customers and their clients enjoy free shipping for orders exceeding $20.

Is the Photo Portal really free to use?

Yes, using the Photo Portal technology incurs no fees, and we offer a free-tier plan for cloud storage. Costs are incurred only when end customers order photo products, while you keep all revenue from downloads.

Do you delete galleries and projects after a certain period?

No, we won't delete your data as long as you maintain an active plan with us, similar to other cloud storage solutions on the market.

How do you handle GDPR and security?

Your data is encrypted and stored securely in Germany, in compliance with European law. We provide a data processing agreement detailing our personal data handling procedures and the security measures we employ to ensure data protection.

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