Photo Portal Sales: Coupons, Price Lists and Product Sets


Maximize Your Profits

Price Lists

Our system streamlines the management of your price lists, providing you with the flexibility to define and adjust final prices for your offerings. This includes physical products, digital downloads, product sets you’ve assembled, and comprehensive gallery download packages. You have the liberty to choose specific formats or finishes for physical photo products and instantly view your profit margins while setting selling prices. Choose from either percentage-based or absolute profit margins. Moreover, our price beautifier feature ensures that prices are rounded up, presenting a more aesthetically pleasing figure to your clients, enhancing the overall purchasing experience.

Physical Photo Products and Downloads

Offer file downloads and physical photo products. Tailor your offerings by selecting specific formats, finishes, and add-ons at unique prices. Set distinct prices for downloads based on resolution and package options. For clients whose photo shoot package already includes downloads, provide a seamless download experience without navigating through the checkout process.

Product Sets and Upsells

Create custom packages combining downloads with physical photo products to enhance revenue potential. Define specific quantities of photo products or file downloads, including options for all gallery downloads, to encourage additional purchases.


Design and implement promotional discounts applicable across your entire gallery or specific projects, with customizable end dates and discount values (percentage or fixed amount). Set minimum order amounts and restrict the promotion to single use per customer, offering three distinct discount tiers for flexibility.


Elevate your marketing strategy by generating unique coupon codes tailored for individual customers or defined customer groups. These coupons can be customized to offer a fixed value discount or a percentage reduction on the total order value. Enhance the appeal and effectiveness of your coupons by setting a minimum order value for their application and specifying their applicability to select product types or items, ensuring targeted promotions that drive sales and customer engagement.

Integration in Email Workflows

Seamlessly integrate your promotions within your email workflows to effectively communicate discount opportunities to your clients. Use this feature to announce new offers and send reminders when the end of the promotion is approaching - all with the aim of increasing purchase intent and maximizing sales.

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