Create and sell projects in Photo Portal: Photo Books, Calendars


The Power of Designed Products

Collage and Multi-image Design

Design unique projects using your images to create captivating collages or multi-image compositions. This feature allows for a more diverse product offering, enabling you to sell designs that incorporate multiple images in a single, artistic format.

Photo Books, Calendars and more

Expand your product offering with high-value, customizable projects such as Photo Books and Calendars. These items provide clients with more personalized and memorable options, going beyond standard prints to include your creative design and compilation work.

Duplicate and Convert

Streamline your project creation process by either duplicating existing projects or converting them into different formats. This flexibility is invaluable for crafting variations that incorporate desirable modifications, like alternate sizes or finishes. Whether you’re looking to replicate a successful project for a different product line or adjust a project to meet specific client needs, the duplicate and convert functionalities simplify the process, ensuring you can efficiently cater to diverse preferences without starting from scratch each time.

Add to Galleries

Seamlessly integrate your custom projects into your galleries alongside individual images. This enables clients to view and purchase your unique photo books, calendars, or collages directly from the same page where they browse your other photographic work.

Share your Projects

This feature transforms the way photographers collaborate with clients on projects. Instead of back-and-forth emails and time-consuming meetings, share your photo projects like Photo Books or Calendars directly for client feedback. Clients can easily leave comments to suggest changes or express their preferences right on the project itself. Save valuable time and engage clients more effectively, making each project a collaborative success.

Special Conditions

Planning a project that requires selling in larger quantities? Our platform accommodates your need for bulk sales, offering individualized offers when you aim to sell a minimum of five units per project. Navigate to the Sales settings of the specific project you’re planning to sell in volume. Within these settings, you’ll find a Request special conditions button designed for this very purpose. Use this function to optimize your sales strategy for higher-volume projects.

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