Marketing Automation in Photo Portal: Email Workflows, contacts...

Marketing Automation

Efficient Email Marketing & Engagement


In Photo Portal, contacts represent potential customers—whether they’re individuals who participated in a photo shoot at your studio, parents of kids you’ve photographed, or followers from your social media who might be interested in ordering your artwork online. You can either add these contacts manually, grouping them as you see fit, or they can be automatically added through online registration forms. This feature allows for effective communication and personalized marketing, enabling you to reach out to your audience directly with offers, updates, and more.

Contact Groups

Contact groups streamline communication by allowing you to organize your contacts into lists. This is especially useful for sending targeted communications or sharing images and projects with specific segments of your audience. For instance, you can easily share a gallery with a group of event photography clients or send a promotional email to all parents from a particular school. Combined with email templates, this feature simplifies the process of sending specific messages to diverse groups, enhancing your marketing efforts.

Email Workflows

Email workflows automate the communication process with your clients by sending emails based on specific triggers, such as the photo shoot date, gallery launch, or the expiry of a promotion. These automated emails can be customized with placeholders for personal details, ensuring each message feels personal and relevant. You can schedule these messages to be sent at precise times, targeting individuals based on their actions, like making a purchase or merely showing interest. This feature helps maintain engagement and encourages repeat business.

Email Templates

Create and customize email templates for various purposes, from gallery sharing to promotion announcements. These templates can incorporate dynamic content, like customer names, to personalize each message. They serve as a versatile tool for efficient communication, enabling you to reach out to individual contacts or groups with just a few clicks. This feature ensures consistency in your messaging while saving you time.

Email History

Keep track of all the emails you’ve sent to your contacts with the email history feature. It provides detailed insights into the timing, subject, and content of each email, allowing you to review your communication strategy and make necessary adjustments. This transparency helps you understand your outreach efforts’ effectiveness and ensures no contact is overlooked.

Branding and Email Customization

Enhance your brand identity in every email with the option to personalize the sender’s name and include your logo in the email settings. This feature allows for a more professional appearance and reinforces your brand with every communication. Additionally, you can opt to receive replies in your personal inbox, ensuring that you maintain a direct line of communication with your customers. Test emails let you preview your customizations before going live, ensuring your branding is consistent and impactful.

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