Saal Photo Portal: Online Shop Gallery and Sub-Gallery System


Showcase and Sell your Art

Unlimited Galleries and Sub-Galleries

Expand your photographic showcase with main galleries and detailed sub-galleries, simplifying user navigation and improving the overall experience. Beyond just organizing, this feature allows for seamless management of your portfolio or photo session; you can easily copy, move, or remove images across galleries, access sales statistics, and define unique titles and descriptions for each photo. Additionally, this system enables the creation of custom products directly from galleries, offering manual shipping to customers as needed, providing a versatile platform for both showcasing and selling your work.

Flexible Pricing

Take full control of your pricing structure and product offerings within each gallery and sub-gallery. Not only can you set unique prices at every level, but you can also decide exactly which products to offer, whether to enable or restrict downloads, and provide specific packages tailored to the gallery or image. This unparalleled flexibility ensures you can cater to the diverse preferences of your audience, optimizing your sales strategy and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Sell Projects

Elevate your service by offering photo projects such as photo books or calendars, allowing customers to purchase personalized collections or designs curated by you. These projects can be showcased in any gallery or sub-gallery, with the option to activate comments or feedback features. This interactive approach enables you to gather client feedback efficiently before finalizing and presenting the project, ensuring customer expectations are met or exceeded.

Neutral URL

Share your work with a neutral URL that keeps the focus on your brand, such as for galleries and for your profile page. This feature offers flexibility in how you share your galleries securely via a link, with optional registration, or password protection tailoring access to your specific requirements and maintaining privacy and security.

Custom Emails

Streamline communication with the ability to send customized emails and reminders in different workflows for each gallery or sub-gallery. Share galleries efficiently with selected groups or individual contacts, utilizing email templates for rapid dissemination of information. This feature saves significant time, enabling you to focus more on your photography and less on administrative tasks.

Responsive Mobile Design

Guarantee that your galleries look impeccable on any device with designs that adapt for optimal viewing on smartphones. Select from various layout options, such as single or double columns on mobile devices, and adjust image presentation styles to cater to up to 90% of customers who prefer ordering from mobile devices.

Different Gallery Designs

Personalize the presentation of your work with various gallery layouts including waterfall, squares, art board, or rounded modes suitable for larger screens. Choose between dark and light background styles to complement your photography, ensuring your work is showcased in the most visually appealing manner.


Enhance your workflow with in-gallery customer feedback, utilizing a color-coded rating system (green, orange, red) and feedback buttons. Facilitate client communication and streamline the selection process by agreeing on color meanings, such as green for approval, orange for edits, and red for discards, enabling quick filtering and decision-making.


Foster a dynamic community around your work by enabling comments on photos or galleries. With moderation features, you can review comments before they go live, allowing replies, and encouraging engagement through likes, creating an interactive and inclusive space for your audience.

Wish list

Improve the customer experience by offering your customers the opportunity to collect images in a wish list. To save a wish list, a short registration of the customer is required so that you can see who has added the images to the wish list. In this way, you can improve both the quality of service and the growth opportunities of your business.

Flexible Download Options

With the Saal Photo Portal, you have full control over how your images can be downloaded. You can release individual files or entire galleries for sale. You also have the option of offering free downloads and sharing your images directly with customers via the Photo Portal. Discover the various options and customise your offer to suit your individual business model.

Let’s Begin Your Journey

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