Recreate instant camera photos with these vintage prints


Custom quantity

Choose exactly how many you want, starting from as few as just one.


No logo

None of Saal Digital’s photo products contain distracting manufacturer’s logos.


No barcode

We don’t print any barcodes. You’ll receive a neutral photo product.

Vintage charm in no time at all

Order your photos now in trendy retro style. When you do, you’ll be combining the customary Saal Digital quality with the look of an instant picture, giving your photos vintage charm in no time at all.

Whether you want it for a gift or for your home, the RetroPrint gives your pictures a special touch.

The ordering process is also quick and easy — just add the photo, and order in quantities of one or more. You can achieve a high-quality, long-lasting finish by using Classic Paper (300 g/m²).


  • Format S: 3.5 x 4.1 in (Image size: 3.0 x 3.0)
  • Format L: 4.8 x 5.5 in (Image size: 4.1 x 4.1)

Matte RetroPrint

The matte RetroPrint provides optimum color reproduction and a high-quality effect.


Glossy RetroPrint

The brilliant colors and glossy surface give your favorite photos a very special charm.


Instant photo look

The vintage look on the back creates a nostalgic effect.

Design now
Design now
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