The Fujifilm Gloss poster from Saal Digital

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Das Fujifilm Glanz überzeugt mit einer besonderen Farbbrillanz und intensiven Schwarztönen.

The glossy poster surface

Our classic poster with its elegant shine captivates with its brilliant surface. The special photo poster impresses with its colour performance, which reflects your photos both brightly and realistically. Your image will be exposed on Fujifilm Crystal Archive DP II Professional photo paper.

The gloss photo poster is ideal for colour photographs, as the vibrant tones of the colours are particularly effective. Black and white photographs also produce excellent results on this poster.

High quality, embodied within the poster

The right mixture of rich black tones and high detail reproduction ensures excellent results in image and text. The high-gloss finish reproduces skin tones in a natural way and gives your image compositions a finishing touch in HighEnd quality.

How to order from Saal Digital

Your order options at Saal Digital are as unique as your pictures. Choose from the different possibilities to design your photo product according to your own wishes and requirements and then order it.



  • Swift Ordering
    Design and order directly in your browser
  • Online Image Import
    Import photos from Dropbox, Google Drive, Facebook and Instagram
  • Store and Share Online
    Save projects and edit them later


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Our recommendation

Saal Design Software USA

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    All editing options - including color correction, shadows, image arrangement and much more
  • Customize your design
    Clipart and text for your images
  • Save Offline
    Save projects locally and you can edit them at any time
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