Layflat Photo Books

What is Layflat binding?

Layflat is a type of binding with an opening of 180º, allowing the Photo Book to lie flat on the table. Thanks to this binding, the Photo Book is much more pleasant to look at, with no unwanted folds between the two pages. With other binding techniques, visibility is lost in the center.


What regular binding looks like

Conventional binding creates folds in the centre of the Photo Book pages, which results in a loss of visibility. This means you cannot see the full image correctly, and it also means that you need to be more mindful about where you place your photos when designing. With a Photo Book that has Layflat binding, you will not have this problem anymore.


Layflat binding - High layout flexibility

The Layflat binding gives you the possibility to place pictures between two pages without losing visibility. This means that you have great flexibility when designing your Photo Book, being able to place your photos more freely. You won't lose any detail.

A panoramic view of your photos

You can also take advantage of the Layflat binding to place pictures across two full pages and create an impressive panoramic view. That's why this robust binding, from which the pages do not fall out, is also ideal for panoramic pictures or pictures with a large number of people.


Customisable inside covers

Thanks to the Layflat binding, you can also start your Photo Book design directly on the first page on the left, making the most out of the space available. You can, for example, add colours, textures, images and text. This is also the case for the last page on the right (behind the back cover).


All our Photo Books are Layflat

Choose from our wide range of Photo Books: hardcover, softcover or Professional Line; pick the format and size you like best and select from our variety of photo papers the finish that best suits your photos. No matter how you configure your Photo Book, they will all have Layflat binding.

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