Snap, Align and Lock Objects

Snapping, grid and locking objects

When you click the Page button on the right, a menu appears that allows you to lock and view all objects on the page, enable the grid, and use snap objects to assist you in object placement.


By default, the software has snapping enabled to help you easily position objects on pages. You can activate or deactivate Snap objects automatically to edges in the Settings menu under Design.

Snapping option in the Settings menu

When this option is enabled, if you move an object close to another object, it will automatically align itself with the edge or centre of that object. The same applies when an object approaches the edge of the photo product. Guidelines will appear to indicate alignment and the distance between objects. This is especially helpful for accurately positioning objects in relation to each other.

Moving the image with snapping guides

You can set a specific distance for the snapping to consider. In the Page menu, under the Snap-to distance between page elements section, you find three inputs that allow you to define the distances to consider when objects approach different elements:

  • Distance: Distance considered when approaching other objects.
  • Distance page margin: Distance considered when approaching the edge of the page.
  • Distance page centre: Distance considered when approaching the centre of the page.

Snapping to objects at 2 cm


By default, no grid is selected in the Grid box. Clicking on this box gives you the option to activate a 0.5 cm, 1 cm, or 2 cm grid. Selecting one of these options displays a blue grid on the photo product of the chosen size to assist in object placement. You can also type in your own values in the input box to define your own grid size. Please note that this grid is for guidance purposes only and will not be printed on your final product.

0.5 cm grid

Enabling the Snap to grid checkbox allows objects to snap to the grid when moved or resized.


In this section, you find all the objects placed on the page. You have the ability to lock objects, preventing them from being moved when selected. This is useful if you’re still working on object placement but want to keep certain objects fixed in their positions. By locking them, you ensure that these objects remain in their designated positions while freely moving other objects. To lock or unlock an object, click the lock icon located on the right side of the object.

Layers in Page menu


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