Share a project

Share a project

There are several options for sharing your projects, depending on your needs. The first thing you need to do is to activate sharing. There are several places where you can enable this option. When designing a project, you will find a Share button in the top menu of the designer.

Designer with Professional Line

In the Projects panel, if you drop down the menu of one of the projects, several options will appear. There you will find the Share settings button.

Projects panel drop down menu

When you select a project, a menu appears on the right with all the information about it. There you will also find the Share settings button.

Right menu of the Projects panel

Once you click on Share settings a pop-up menu will appear. Here you need to activate sharing.

Activate Share Project

When activated, various options will appear to allow you to customize how you share your project.

Share Project menu

You can secure it with a password if you wish. You will need to manually tell users the password so they can access the project. As with the galleries, the Shared link to your project will be available here. You can copy and paste this link manually, or simply click Open. This will open the Shared link to your project and allow you to see how users will see it.
Below the Shared link you will find the different options for sending and sharing your project with users. You can Copy Share Link to send it to the users of your choice using your preferred method or platform. You can click on Send by e-mail to send the link by email using the default email software you have selected on your device. Or you can email the shared link to your contacts directly from Photo Portal by clicking Share with contacts. Under Show advanced settings, you will find the option to add translations.

Translations menu

Once you have configured the project, click on Save. You will see that the status of your project has changed.

Project status