All the tools for configuring your settings can be found in the Settings menu. The Settings button is positioned differently depending on where you are in the software. In the Product Selection window, you find it in the left column. In the Designer, it is located in the top right menu. And when selecting a product a single image, you’ll see the button in the top left menu, above the Image Sources section.

Settings buttons

By clicking on the Settings button, a menu will open, presenting you with several options that are organized into four main sections.


General settings menu

  • The first box allows you to select the Language in which the software will run. This will also affect the spell check function.
  • Show price in design view/ displays the price of the article in the designer. It will be visible in the bottom menu next to the Add to cart button.
  • Show price in product selection area will display the price of the product next to its name in all product selection menus.
  • Show autofill wizard after product selection will display the three available design modes that you can choose from after selecting a Photo Book or Calendar. These are One Minute, Comfort designer and Empty template. If this option is not active, the Designer will open directly to design the product from scratch.
  • Show calendar settings after closing the product selection window will display the calendar configurator after the product has been selected. If this option is not selected, the calendar must be configured within the Designer from the Calendar menu.
  • Display product upgrade window will display additional options available for the designed product after you click Add to cart, just before it is added to the Shopping Basket. This makes it easier to upgrade your product once it has been created.
  • Expert Mode shows the language selection box in the Text Editor menu.
  • Show warning if the article is to be changed shows a warning when converting one product to another. It recommends that you save a copy and warns that converting the article may result in design changes.
  • Show warning if pages are to be deleted after converting the article will warn you if any pages will be deleted when converting an article to another. It will be possible to cancel the conversion from the warning message if you do not want to lose the pages.
  • PDF export: Watermark applies a watermark to exported preview PDFs. If enabled, the watermark text box below will be enabled for you to enter your watermark text.


Design settings menu

  • Always disable image enhancement will disable the Image Enhancement option by default. It will be possible to enable it manually in Designer. See the related article for more information.
  • Snap objects automatically to edges will cause objects to stick to the edges of the article. For more information, see the article on snap.
  • Show bleed information will display a warning every time an object is placed near the bleed line, preventing potential errors. For more information, see the related article.
  • Display note on matte cover will advise you not to use dark images in the fold area when designing a matte cover.
  • Show objects that are located outside the design area makes objects and parts of objects that are placed outside the photo product visible in the designer. For example, if you place an image with a part outside the photo product, the image box will be visible outside the design area.
  • Disable spell check disables the spell check function by default. This feature can be enabled in the Text Box menu. For more information, see the corresponding article.
  • Show system fonts activates the fonts installed on your device in the software. It is recommended to use high quality fonts for best results.
  • Enable automatic font size will enable this feature by default when adding text. The size of the font will be reduced automatically if, by reducing the size of the text box, part of the text is left out. See the related article for more information.


Paths settings menu

  • The External image editor field allows you to select an external image editing program. This allows you to open an image from the Designer directly in the selected editor and make some adjustments. You can select the external program by clicking on the wrench icon.
  • The Projects folder field allows you to see where your project files are stored on your device. You can select a different folder by clicking on the wrench icon.

Error diagnosis

Error diagnosis settings menu

  • Reset window positions will reset the position of menus and windows to their original position.
  • Version details will give you all the information about the software version you are using.
  • Delete temporary data gives you the option of deleting data relating to the cache, downloaded designs and thumbnail images. You can delete each option separately or all at once.
  • Open log file folder will open the folder where the TXT files generated after a system crash are stored.

Remember to click on OK after activating or deactivating any of these options.


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Your language setting does not match the language of this website. Please choose: