Sales and bill settings

Sales and bill settings

Saal Digital takes care of the entire sales process completely free of charge, leaving you free to focus on your business. It’s important to note that our involvement in billing and production cannot be concealed. However, in this menu you will find various options related to the sales and billing process for more customization and control of your business and brand.

Sales and bill settings panel

Bill settings

If you wish, you can add your logo to appear in the top corner of the invoice. The uploaded logo will appear on the invoice sent to the end user after an order has been placed.

Upload image button

Simply click on the Upload image button and upload your logo using the parameters that have been specified. Once uploaded, your image will be available here.

Logo in bill settings

You can replace the logo by clicking Upload image or remove it by clicking Delete. If you click on Edit image, you will be able to set the specific crop you want to use and make some adjustments if necessary.

Logo editor

Once uploaded and set, click Save Changes. This will display the uploaded logo on the invoice, as shown in the example below.

Sample Invoice

Manually release orders

If you want full control over your orders by manually approving each one before it goes into production, you can do this by activating this option.

Manual release orders option

All orders placed by your customers will appear in the Order management panel, waiting for you to manually approve them. You will also receive an email notification for each order placed.

Order management panel with order waiting

All you need to do is Release order for production to complete it, or Cancel order if required.

Order waiting for approval

In-Store collection

If you want orders to be sent to a specific address rather than the destination selected by your customer, you can activate this option. This is very useful if you have a physical shop or want to deliver orders to your customers in person.

In store collection option

Once activated, simply fill in the address and all orders from your galleries and projects will be sent to this address.

Sharing function — Neutral share link

This option allows you to send shared links to your customers in a completely neutral way, without any reference to Saal Digital. The Saal Digital option is selected by default. This means that all shared links to your galleries and projects will be under the domain.
If you select the Photo Portal option, your shared links will be under the domain. This means that your customers will not see any reference to Saal Digital when they visit your content, but they will buy from Saal Digital.

Sharing function

This function affects all your content, both galleries and projects, as well as your profile page.
Products that are delivered directly to your customers have Saal Digital as the sender. If you want to deliver the package yourself, you can activate the In-Store collection option.

Gallery with neutral link


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