Price lists

Price lists

In order to sell photo products, you must first create price lists in which you define all the criteria for the products to be sold, their characteristics and prices. Once created, these price lists will be available for use in your galleries when the Allow ordering option is activated.
All price lists created are displayed in the Price lists menu within the Sales panel. They can be modified at any time by clicking the Edit button. You can create as many price lists as you like.

Price list panel

To create a price list, you need on click on Add. A New selling price list menu will appear.

New selling price list menu

The first thing to set up is the Basic settings. Here you need to give your price list a title. This name will only be visible to you and will not be shared with your customers. You can set the price list as the default price list. This way, it will be activated by default when you allow the commercialization of one of your galleries. And if you wish, you can activate the Price beautifier to automatically round up prices.

Price list basic settings

Configure products

Below the Basic settings you will find the different photo product categories available. You need to activate the ones you want to set in your price list.

Products category deactivated

As soon as a product category is activated, new options will appear. You can activate and deactivate the products available within each category individually.

Products within Wall Art category

In addition, by clicking on Configuration, you can activate and deactivate the various configuration options for each product. Depending on the product you are configuring, you will find different options to customize it. Once you are set, you need to save the configuration.

Photo in a Changeable Frame configurator

You can also sort the order in which the photo products appear, so that the product you choose appears first. To do this, simply click on the arrows that appear to the right of each product and move it up or down as you wish.

Rearranged products in price list

You can change the order in which both the photo products category and the photo products within the category appear.

Set prices

You can determine the surcharge for each product. This surcharge is added to the purchase price of the product and corresponds to the profit you receive for each product sold. You can define different types of surcharges: Absolute, where you can set a fixed surcharge. Percentaged, where you can set a percentage surcharge. Fixed for each product, which allows you to manually define the selling price for each product.

Surcharge types

If you click on Configuration when Fixed for each product is selected, you will see a configuration panel for that product.

Fixed for each product configuration menu

Here you can configure everything related to the photo product and find information about its purchasing price, selling price and the profit you make. You can activate or deactivate each article according to your needs. By default, all articles within the photo product are selected with a preset selling price and profit. You can easily change the surcharge for all articles on an absolute or percentage type in the first panel.

Apply surcharge to selected articles menu

You can set up a specific configuration to be selected by default when it is selected for purchase in the Gallery. This prioritizes the configuration you want and makes it easier for the customer to choose.

Preselected article menu

You can use the filters and search tool to quickly find all the articles with the features you specify. This makes it easy to activate only the articles with the features you want.

Filters applied in configurator

You can also decide the final price at which each will sell by simply entering the value in the Selling price column. Once you have made your settings, click on Save.

Digital files

Besides photographic products, you can also sell digital files of your images. In the price list you will find different resolution options that can be activated. You need to activate the ones you want to sell and set the absolute price for them.

Digital files activated

If you wish, you can even offer your digital files for free by setting the price in the price list to 0. Your customers will then be able to select the digital file in the gallery, add it to the basket for 0, complete the order and receive the digital files for free.

Digital files in gallery

Shopping basket with digital files

When ordering digital files, the user will receive the download link to the photos quickly and conveniently by email after payment is received, without having to wait for production time. The download link will be valid for up to 30 days. You can resend the download link to the customer if necessary by selecting the order with the downloads in the Order management panel and clicking on Resend download links to customer.

Resend download links button

Price list for a specific image

You can set up a specific price list for an individual picture. This is useful if, for example, you want to sell a group photo in a certain format at a certain price. To do this, open the gallery and select a photo. All the information about the photo will appear in the menu on the right. Here you will find the price list drop-down menu.

Image selected in gallery

By default, Use price list from gallery is selected. All you need to do is select the price list you want to activate for that particular photo. Once selected, click Save changes.

Image price list options

When you open the gallery, you will see that the photo you have selected offers the products and prices from the price list specified for that particular photo.