Product selection

Product selection

Through Saal Digital it is possible to print images on a wide range of products. Each offers different customisation tools, depending on the characteristics of the product. When you run desktop software, the first thing that opens is the Product selection. Here you will find the main product categories. These include Prints, Photo Books, Wall Art, Cards and many more.

Product selection window

Each product category has several sub-categories. For example, selecting Photo Books will show the different sub-categories such as Hardcover Photo Book, Professional Line Photo Book, Portfolio Albums, etc.

Photo Books selection window

Due to the wide range of products, there may even be sub-categories within sub-categories, depending on the article. In this example, selecting Professional Line Photo Book will display the format options for this product. Clicking on any of these will take you to the product’s configuration. In the case of photo books, for example, you can choose different options for the cover material, the pages, whether to include a gift box, and so on. Clicking on Design will open the Designer with the selected product and configuration to be designed.

30 x 30 Professional Line Photo Book configuration panel

When the product category is selected, the name of the selected product appears at the top. This also acts as a navigator. Clicking on any of the category names will take you back to the category selection menu. This allows you to scroll through the different categories and sub-categories to select the best product and configuration for your images. For example, after selecting Poster/FineArt > FineArt > Customise FineArt will take you to the configuration panel.

FineArt configuration panel

Clicking on the Poster/FineArt title at the top will take you back to the category menu, where you can select a different category such as Photo in changeable frame.

Poster and FineArt selection window


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