Participants menu

Participants menu

This menu provides a comprehensive list of all participants in the Photo Job. It can be accessed by clicking on the Participants button in the right column within a Photo Job. Detailed information is displayed in a table as follows:

Date: Displays the date the participant was registered.
Participant: Indicates the participant’s name.
Full name: Displays the full name of the person who register the participant, which corresponds to the customer
Gallery: Indicates the group to which the participant has registered. It is associated with a gallery. Clicking on it will open the corresponding gallery.
E-mail: Displays the customer’s email address associated with the participant.
Street: Displays the customer’s address, if specified.
ZIP code: Displays the postcode entered by the customer, if specified.City: Displays the customer’s city, if specified.

Participant Menu within Photo Job

On the right column you will find the functions as follows:
Import participants (CSV): Allows you to import a CSV file with all participant data. For more information read the Import via CSV article.
Download sample files: Download a CSV file as an example.
Reset all: Deletes all participants and their data. Note that this action is irreversible.
Download CSV file: Allows you to download a CSV file containing all the registered contacts.

Note that, when accessing the Participant menu within a group inside a Photo Job, only participants of that group will be shown.