Size and position images and objects

Size and position images and objects

All objects in the photo product, including images, clipart, text and fill boxes, can be resized and repositioned to suit your needs.

Positioning with the mouse

When you select an object, it is surrounded by a blue frame with small squares on the corners and sides. By clicking and dragging these squares, you can easily resize the object and its container. For images, both the image box and the image itself are resized. For text, the size of the text is adjusted according to the size of its box, especially if the Automatic font size option in the Text editor menu is enabled.

Image is selected

To reposition an object, click and hold the mouse button while dragging the object to the desired location. Release the mouse button when the object is in the desired position.

Position tools

Objects can also be placed and resized on the photo product using the Position tools. You can access these tools by selecting an object and opening the Position menu on the right.
The width and height fields allow you to adjust the dimensions of the object. If you wish to retain the original proportions of the object, simply click on the padlock icon. This ensures that the object retains its proportions without distortion, even if one dimension is changed.
For precise placement, adjust the X and Y positions to move the object to specific coordinates. In addition, the rotation field allows you to rotate the selected object by entering the desired degree of rotation.

Position tools in column

Align tools

The Align tools in the Position menu help you to align objects vertically and horizontally within the photo product. You can align objects to the edges or centre, taking into account the dimensions of the product.

Align tools in Position menu

If you are designing a Photo Book, you can align the objects with respect to a single page by enabling the Single page option, or with respect to both pages by disabling it.
By enabling the Use spacing option, you can specify a distance in the Distance field. This distance will be taken into account when aligning elements in the photo product. For example, if you set the spacing to 3 cm and align an object to the Right edge, it will be positioned 3 cm from the edge.

Layer tools

The layer tools control the order in which objects are stacked. The Send to Back button places the selected object behind the rest of the previously placed objects. This means that if there are objects on top of it, the selected object will be visible behind them. Clicking on the Bring to Front button will bring the selected object to the front, above all other objects, covering any element previously positioned below it.

Layer tools in Position menu with example

Additionally, this menu allows you to adjust the opacity of the object, which is set to 100% by default. You can also give the object a name.


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