Dynamic Projects

Dynamic Projects

This feature streamlines the placement, management and personalization of bulk orders of photo products, facilitating delivery to multiple customers simultaneously. Dynamic projects allow the use of placeholders to customize content from a stored table.


To activate this feature on a project, you must first design it. When ready, open the project in the Online Designer and click on the Dynamic button on the right. A message will appear with more information. Click Next to activate the feature. Once activated, a Dynamic column of tools will be accessible each time you click on the Dynamic button.

Dynamic column


A placeholder is a piece of text that is personalized based on the data you have registered. Default content fields are available. You can create new ones by clicking on Add new.

To add a placeholder to your photo product, you must first add text. When this feature is activated, a placeholder box will appear in the Text Editor next to the text customization tools. Select an option from the available choices and the placeholder will be added to your text. It is possible to add multiple placeholders. Note that only the text within the parentheses corresponds to the placeholder, allowing for dynamic data changes.

Text editor with placeholder box

We recommend that you enable Automatic font size to prevent longer text from being outside the Text Box, as text lengths will vary. Once you have customized your text, click on OK. The text with the chosen placeholder will be added to the photo product.

Product with placeholder


In the Data column you must enter the data you wish to customize. To enter the data, click on Manage data. A window with a data table will appear where you can see all the details that can be entered. In the top right corner you will find the following buttons:

Data table empty

Add: Clicking on this will open a window to add the data. Please note that in order to send the product directly to each person, the delivery address must be filled in correctly. In the Order quantity box, you can also select the quantity of the item to be sent to each person. Once you have completed all the details, click on Save.

The details will then be displayed in the table. By clicking on the bin icon the data will be removed from the list. By clicking on the wrench icon next to the person, you can edit the data already included.

Data table

Download: This will download all the data contained in the CSV file.
Upload CSV file: This will upload a CSV file and include the data in the table.
Once all the data has been included, click on the arrow icon in the top left-hand corner.

Data column

All included data will be displayed in the Data column. You can review each of the included data by clicking on the arrow buttons. From here it is also possible to edit the data entered by clicking on the wrench icon. If you click on the Preview checkbox, the placeholders will be replaced with the previewed data.


Here you can select between:

Delivery options

Send the order to one delivery address: Send all products to a single selected delivery address.
Send the order to the addresses listed in the data entries: Each personalized product will be sent to the specified person’s address. Each person’s delivery address will be listed during checkout.

You can change the information by clicking the Edit button. Once checked, finalize the purchase and each person will receive a personalized photo product to their own address. Please note that only one dynamic project can be added to the shopping cart at a time.


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