In the Cards menu you’ll find several card options. Choose a card theme to use design lines to help you quickly create your personalised card. If you choose a Cards, Postcards, or Mini Leporello, you will design it in the same way as other photo products using the Online Designer.

Cards Product selection menu

Theme Cards

After selecting a card theme like Wedding, Baby, Baptism, Birthday, Christmas, or Communion, the configurator will open. It displays specific design lines based on the chosen theme. Each design line offers layouts in a consistent style and composition. You can change these later in the Designer.

Wedding Cards configurator

In the right-hand menu you will find the configuration tools. Choose the type of card you want to print. Under Order quantity, select the desired number of cards to order. You can also choose a specific quantity by selecting Custom and entering the desired value. The ordered quantity can be changed later. If you select the Free sample option, you will receive a free sample card with a SAMPLE watermark after you have completed your design and placed your order. This allows you to check the configuration and ensure that the final result meets your expectations before proceeding with a larger order.
Under Type of paper, choose the paper for your card. An envelope is already included. The special finish option allows you to activate a special finish effect. Once activated, this special finish can be applied to text in the designer by selecting the special colour. It adds an elegant embossing and a unique finish to the applied object.

Special finish gold

When you have finished configuring the card, click on Design. The Designer will open with the configured card and a default layout from the selected design line. You can select a different layout from the right-hand menu. Clicking on the Design line box will display all the design lines for the selected theme. You can switch to a different design line anytime.

Default layout in the online designer

Like other photo products, as you add photos to your card, the layouts will update to show templates with image boxes corresponding to the number of photos you have added. Select the layout you prefer. Customise any objects included in the selected layout — add filters, borders, shadows, change their position, or add/remove clipart, text, backgrounds, or fill boxes. See the related article for more information.

Cards without a theme

Selecting Card in the Product Selection window will display the Card Configurator without theme design lines. Once the card has been configured, clicking on the Design button will open a window with the design lines of the online designer for you to choose from. Once selected, the online designer will open the empty card for you to design from scratch. The design line is selected in the Layouts menu and the layouts are displayed accordingly. As with the other products, you can choose a different design line, select the layout you like best, change, adjust or remove the objects included in the layout, or design it from scratch.

Card opened in designer

Type of cards

In the configurator you can choose between different types of cards.

The Card has no folds and consists of a single page. Design the Front and Back by selecting them from the software’s bottom menu.

Card in online designer

The Folded card (left-right) has a leftward fold. In the bottom menu you will find two designable areas called Outside and Inside, each divided into two pages. The front and back are in the Outside area.

Folded card left-right in online designer

The Folded card (up-down) has a downward fold. In the Designer, it’s represented by three designable areas in the bottom menu: Front, Back and Inside, corresponding to the two inside pages.

Folded card up-down in online designer

The Double folded card has two folds, has two folds, indicated by lines in the software. It’s divided into two designable areas, which can be selected in the bottom menu as Front and Back. Each area is further divided into three sides, with corresponding names at the top. It is important to take this into account when designing.

Double folded card in online designer


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