Apply Frames and Masks

Apply frames and masks

You can add frames and masks to images and fill boxes. Frames allow you to change the shape of the image or fill the box and add decorative elements. This allows you to highlight certain elements against the background. Masks allow you to blur the edges of the image or fill box to create smooth transitions and artistic effects.


To add a frame to an image or fill box, select it and click the Frame button in the right-hand menu. Several frame options will appear in the right column. Click on one of these to apply it to the selected element. Depending on the frame selected, different customisation options will appear at the top of the Frame menu. You may find tools to change the opacity of the frame, its colour, line thickness, radius or alignment.

Images with frames applied and frame tools displayed


In the Frames menu, scroll down to the bottom of the column to find the mask options. Click on a mask to apply it to the image or fill box. Depending on the mask selected, you may be able to control the Feathering by increasing or decreasing it as required.

Image with a mask applied and mask tools displayed

To remove a frame or mask, click the Remove frame button in the right column associated with the selected image or fill box.