Fill box

Fill box

You can customize all fill boxes in a photo product to match your design. To do this, click the Add fill button in the Designer's top menu or use a pre-existing layout. Once you have a fill box selected, you can modify its settings by clicking the Edit fill button above it or using the Fill box button in the right-hand menu. These options allow you to personalize the fill box according to your preferences.

Fill box added and tools displayed in right menu

Once the fill box configuration menu is displayed, you can choose between colour, gradient or texture.


There are several ways to select a solid colour for the Fill box:

1. Click on one of the colours shown in this menu.

2. Clicking on the Colour button will bring up a menu with more colours and various tools. Here you will find the pipette tool. Clicking on this icon will turn your mouse into a pipette. Clicking on any colour will select it as the colour for your fill box. This is very useful for selecting a colour from a photo and setting it as the colour for your fill box.

Fill box colour options

3. After clicking on the Colour button, you will find the Colour selection button next to the pipette tool. Here you can select the desired colour from the colour palette offered, enter its HSB, RGB or code value. The fill box will be filled with the selected colour.

Colour selection tool

The last 4 colours used are displayed in the first row under the heading Most recently used. They can be easily found and selected in the next fill boxes created.

Fill box Most recently used colour

To the right of the Colour button is the Opacity field. Changing its value changes the transparency of the fill box.


Clicking one of the gradient options in this menu will automatically fill the fill box with it.

Fill box gradient options

Colours for the gradient can be selected in the Colour 1 and Colour 2 boxes. Clicking on one of these colour boxes will bring up a menu where you can select a colour from those shown, use the pipette tool to select a colour or click on Colour selection to select a specific colour from this menu.

Gradient colour selection

The Rotation box allows you to set the degree of rotation of the gradient, with one colour at one end and the other at the opposite end. The Opacity box allows you to set the degree of transparency of the gradient fill.

Rotated gradient fill box

As in the colour section, the last 4 gradients used will be visible in the first row under the heading Most recently used.


This menu shows a variety of textures to choose from for the fill box. Clicking on one of them will set that texture as the fill.

Fill box texture options

The opacity can be adjusted in the Opacity box. The Colourization tool tints the tones of the selected texture with the colour selected in this box. Its intensity can be adjusted in the Colourization (Opacity) button. Clicking on Reset restores the default values.

Fill box with colourized texture

The last 3 textures used will be displayed under the heading Most recently used.