E-mail settings

E-mail settings

It is possible to customize the subject line and information contained in the emails sent through Photo Portal for more personalized communication. These settings can be found in the Sales Panel.

Email Settings

Basic settings

You can configure basic email details as follows:

Name of sender: Specify the name you want recipients to see.
E-mail reply to: Specify the email to which the reply will be sent.
E-mail signature: Specify the signature that will appear on all your emails.

Your logo for e-mails

You can personalise your emails by adding your logo. The logo should be uploaded as a JPEG file. Please note that the maximum height allowed is 75 pixels. If the uploaded image exceeds this height, it will be automatically scaled down. You can download a sample file by clicking on the Download sample files button.

To upload your logo, click on the Upload image button. Once uploaded, an Edit image button will appear, allowing you to make adjustments to your image if necessary.

After customizing your email settings, remember to click on the Save to save your changes. We recommend sending a test email by clicking on the Send test e-mail button. This allows you to receive a test email in your inbox and ensure that everything looks as expected.