You can create customized coupons for your customers to increase your sales and offer them discounts on their purchases. You have full control over the amount, quantity and expiry date of the coupon, which will apply to all galleries with the allow ordering feature activated. Access the Coupons menu within the Sales Panel to manage this feature.

Coupons menu in the Sales panel

To create a coupon, click on the Add button which will bring up a window to generate your coupon.

Edit coupon window


Internal name: The Internal name field is where you can assign a name for internal reference. This name will only be visible to you and not to your customers.
Coupon code: This is where you enter the actual code that customers will need to enter into their shopping basket in order to benefit from the coupon discount.
By default, coupons are activated when they are created, but you can deactivate them by moving the activation switch.

General coupon section


Here you’ll find tools to set the duration of the coupon.
From: The From field allows you to specify the activation date. If left blank, the coupon will be activated immediately upon creation.
Until: The Until field allows you to set the expiry date of the coupon. If left blank, the coupon will remain valid until manually deactivated.
Usage limit: The Usage limit field allows you to set the maximum number of times a customer can use the coupon within the specified expiry dates. If set to 0, a customer has unlimited usage.

Expiration coupon section

Amount and type

Here you will find options to define the coupon quantity.
Amount: The Amount field can be filled with an absolute value if you choose the Absolute type, which directly subtracts the specified amount. Alternatively, if you choose the Percentage type, the value in the Amount field will represent the percentage discount applied to the customer’s purchases. While the coupon reduces the photographer’s margin, it can be a strategic approach to first raise prices and offer discounts. It’s important to note that Saal Digital’s margin remains unaffected.
Minimum order amount: The Minimum order amount field allows you to set the minimum order value required for customers to apply the coupon. It is important to take this into account and make accurate calculations to maximize the benefit.
You have the option to cover the shipping costs for your customers’ purchases by ticking the shipping checkbox. Please note that this does not affect Saal Prio accounts as they already enjoy free shipping. With a Saal Prio account, neither you nor your customers incur any shipping costs in orders with a minimum value of $20.

Amount and type coupon section

Additional activations

In addition, you can specify whether the coupon is available for Product sets, File downloads and Projects. When finished, click Save.
Once a coupon has been created, it can be applied to purchases made from any of your galleries with the Allow ordering option activated, as long as the minimum order amount and the specified expiry dates are met.

Additional coupon activation

Coupon management

All coupons created will be listed in the Coupon menu, providing an overview of their details. You can create as many coupons as you like.

Coupon menu

To modify a coupon, simply click on its Internal name in the Coupon menu, which will open the Edit Coupon window. Make the necessary adjustments and remember to save your changes. If necessary, you can delete a coupon by clicking on the bin icon in the top right corner.

Edit coupon window

Please note that you will need to manually inform your customers of the Coupon code so that they can redeem it when making purchases from any of your galleries under the terms and conditions you have set.