Convert an article

Convert an article

It is possible to convert a photo article once it has been designed. This can be very useful if you want to create variants in different sizes. For example, if you create a 30 x 30 Professional Line and want to have a smaller 21 x 21 variant to give as a gift. Another example is when designing a calendar, it can be useful to create different variants to include different dates.

When the project to be converted is opened in the Designer, a button labelled Article appears in the right column. Clicking on it will display various parameters that can be changed in the article, depending on the product you are designing. For example, if you are designing a Photo Book, you will be able to change the cover surface, the spreads and add a gift box.

Article menu in designer

To convert an article into a different one, for example to change the size of the Photo Book, click on the Convert article button in the bottom right corner. A warning message will appear informing you that the changes you are about to make cannot be undone. It is therefore advisable to save the project before proceeding.

Product selection window

Converting an article will affect the position and size of the photos. It is best to select an article with the same aspect ratio.

Converted article with Article right menu displayed

Once the article to be converted has been selected, the project will open. The new article must be checked to ensure that everything is as you want it. Once checked, remember to save it with a different name. This will distinguish it from the article you created previously.