Add and edit images

Add and edit images

Select images

In the left column of the designer, you need to select the folder where the images are stored in order to add them to the photo product. You can navigate through the folders or enter the path where the images are stored.

Designer with all columns displayed

Selecting the folder containing the photos will display the photos at the bottom of the same column. Photos can be sorted by name, type, date, usage or rating. Photo thumbnails can be displayed at different sizes. This can be changed by clicking the View button and selecting the desired size. The Display file name option can also be toggled on and off.

Thumbnails view options

Photos already included in the photo product can be hidden by activating the Hide used images option. This will make the photos added to the project invisible in this menu, preventing the same photo from being added to the project repeatedly. If this option is disabled, the photos added to the project will be marked with a tick. If they have been used more than once, they will appear with the corresponding number.
Please note that due to the nature of the material, it is not possible to place images on all Photo Book covers. Placing images is just possible on Photo Books with glossy and matte cover, white leatherette and Professional Line Photo Book with an Acrylic or Brushed Metal Print cover.

Positioning and cropping images

When you select an image, a menu appears at the top with a series of tools that allow you to realign the image within the image frame. This menu also displays the name of the image, the resolution and quality. The Image quality depends on the size of the image in the photo product in relation to its resolution, and changes depending on the size at which the image is used in the photo product. For best results, we recommend the Image quality very good.

A blue frame will appear around the selected image. This is the bounding box of the image. By clicking on this frame, holding down the mouse button and moving the cursor sideways, you can increase or decrease the size of the box.

Image selected with info and tools displayed

To reduce the size of the box, select the image and click on the Crop button that appears in the top menu of the photo. When this function is active, a white frame appears in the corners of the image. Click and drag this frame to crop the image.

Crop tool selected on image

To enlarge or reduce the size of the image in the image box, select the image and click the magnifying glass with plus sign or magnifying glass with minus sign button. This will enlarge or reduce the image without affecting the size of the box.

To move the image within the box, click on the cross button that appears in the top menu when the image is selected. Once activated, the same cross icon will appear over the image. This indicates that you can move the image within the frame to reposition it. To do this, hold the mouse over the image motif and drag it in the desired direction. This function can also be activated by double-clicking on the image.

Reframe tool selected on image

To flip the image, click the Mirror horizontally or Mirror vertically button as required. Clicking the Rotate image detail button, which appears in the top menu when the image is selected, will rotate the image 90 degrees within the image box. This menu also contains the Image enhancement option. If this option is activated, the image is automatically adjusted by the software. We recommend that you disable this option if your photos have been previously edited.
You can activate Image Enhancement by clicking the magic wand icon. When this icon has a gray background, image enhancement is active. For more information, see the Image Enhancement article.

Swap images

If two or more photos are already placed on a photo product, you can swap their positions. Select the photos you want to swap and a Swap selected images button will appear. Clicking this button will instantly swap the positions of the selected photos. If you’ve selected more than two photos to swap, you may need to click the button several times until each photo is in the position you want.

Swap selected images

You can also click with the middle mouse button or hold your mouse or touchpad over a photo. A small thumbnail of the photo will appear as a cursor, and a Switch Image button will appear over any photos already added to the photo product. To swap images, simply click on another photo that also has a Switch Image button and the images will swap places.

Switch Image

Remove the image from the image box

It is possible to remove just the image content without removing the image box. To do this, you must double-click on the image and use the DEL key on the keyboard to remove the image. The image will be deleted, but the image box will remain.


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