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Massiel writes on 14.11.2018
I love Saal Digital, is the best.
Customer review from 13.11.2018
Very friendly and responsive. I would always like do business with them.
Customer review from 10.11.2018
Very happy with the 60x40 photo mounted on foam board . Quick delivery and well packaged.
Julian writes on 08.11.2018
I had one of my photos printed on their Alu-Dibond material as a wall decor and it came out fantastic! Colours look exactly as they did on my laptop screen and the overall quality is great! Shipping time was also pretty fast with the item getting delivered before the estimated date. Definitely planning on getting more things printed with Saal.
Customer review from 08.11.2018
Excellent service and delivery
Customer review from 08.11.2018
I use Saal Digital for all my work and will continue to use them.
Rafael writes on 07.11.2018
Very good product
Customer review from 06.11.2018
I just received my order, it looks amazing.
Customer review from 05.11.2018
I ordered a wall decor: Alu-Dibond 30x45 standard mounting, aluminium profile subframe 3mm.
Absolutely happy with an mazing quality, very detailed and precise in color print.
Thank you so much to SAAL DIGITAL!
Customer review from 03.11.2018
great service
Customer review from 31.10.2018
I am really happy with my Alu-dibond wall decor from Saal Digital! The quality is excellent and it looks like a professional gallery print, particularly with the aluminium subframe mounting. It's not a surface I had any prior knowledge of but I love it and it looks great on my wall!

I found the Saal Digital software simple to use. The only thing that would have been useful is to be able to change the size and type of wall decor once i'd started creating my design as if I changed my mind or wanted to try it out with different surfaces or sizes I had to save that design and start again. However, this wasn't a big issue and didn't disrupt my ordering process too much.

The staff were really helpful and helped me through the process, answering any questions I had, advising me on surfaces and providing detailed information when I was having difficulty choosing!

I will certainly be using Saal Digital again and look forward to exploring the options for other items like Photobooks.
Customer review from 30.10.2018
Paul writes on 29.10.2018
Easy and uncomplicated software. How it should be.
Helpful communications.
Excited about receiving my wall decor.
Rachael writes on 28.10.2018
Have just placed an order, I found it really straightforward, the software is great, definitely one of the best I have used. I cant wait for it to be delivered
Customer review from 24.10.2018
The Saal Digital App is easy and accessible.
The whole process of uploading my photo and ordering my Alu-Dibond 40 x 50, aluminium subframe was very straightforward.
I have to commend the software and website accessibility and ease ordering. It took me less than 10 minutes to order and pay for my wall decor.

Saal Digital were very communicative through the whole process and were professional in every way.
I was emailed to confirm my order, to confirm it was due to be delivered and I was texted to let me know by the delivery company when it was due by and it came right on time this morning.
My item was packaged well and was protected by several layers of card and tightly packed with plastic wrap.

Although the file size wasn't very big of my photo, the quality and standard of my Alu-Dibond 40 x 50, aluminium subframe is absolutely amazing. I am so happy with it.
It is of a high standard, very sturdy and there is no pixilation on the print.

Although I am only an Amateur Photographer, I feel that my photo was done justice by the final printed result.

I would happily use Saal Digital again without a doubt and highly recommend them to Amateur and Professional Photographers alike.

Thank you.
Ginger writes on 22.10.2018
I love the product and would love to try more of your products.
Customer review from 19.10.2018
The software was user friendly and very good. I haven't received my product as I have just ordered, but look forward to when it arrives.
Mark writes on 17.10.2018
Stunning, wanted something as I just got married and this piece of art will look lovely in my living room, thanks Saal you never disappoint
Suraj writes on 17.10.2018
I am amazed by the simple workflow created in the SAAL Desktop application. It was simple to use and intuitive.
I created the wall decor, which was really simple. The real time price indicates helped me to stay within the budget.
Photo book I created had a template to use. I can easily over ride the templates for desired placement of the photos.
Ordering and payment process went smoothly.
Clare-Marie writes on 17.10.2018
Very easy to use website. made it really easy to organise my pictures and choose the one i wanted for my wall. I cant wait to see the finished product. I will definitely be using saal- digital again
Customer review from 17.10.2018
Love your books and excellent quality
Ciprian writes on 16.10.2018
Great services, fast delivery. That is all I need!
Roberto writes on 16.10.2018
I have printed 3 books with Saal Digital so far, using the app, the payment and the delivery was extremely easy and fast. The only moment I needed to reach the customer care center they were extremely fast and helpful. In all experiences that I have with customer care I didn't get very happy at the end, but I am very glad Saal Digital takes customer satisfaction seriously and for sure I will keep using the service because of that above all.
Cath writes on 15.10.2018
I have to say this is very impressive. Great fast service and quality is brilliant. I was a little worried about printing a black and white shot onto Acrylic, but it looks fantastic and the shine really enhances the photo.
Very happy that my special photo which I took of my hero Tom Petty is now on my living room wall!
Povilas writes on 13.10.2018
Just made an order and I'm amazed how simple and easy is with this user-friendly software, I think my 6-year-old Son would be able to make a college or something else himself.
I think this is not my last purchase here as the price is very affordable and hope delivery will be fast too, will have to add more when I will get what did I order.
Gary writes on 11.10.2018
The only complaint after ordering several photo books from yourselves, which I may add are of superb Quality, is that when trying to get prices fore resellers we have had no reply. If we could get a better price we would be able to order more.
Customer review from 09.10.2018
Very good service and even if I didn't receive my poster yet I'm pretty sure is gonna be amazing! The only part that didn't satisfy me is their software which handles the job but it's a little it's slow. Expect that everything is fanstastic! Just remember to use high quality pictures!
Customer review from 07.10.2018
Nice print, good quality, very easy to use website/software and quick delivery. Would definitely use this service again.
Jason writes on 06.10.2018
Gary writes on 05.10.2018
Ian writes on 01.10.2018
Great products, good service and excellent price.
Customer review from 26.09.2018
Another order from Saal Digital and it's great. I've tried a photobook before and an acrylic print. This time I've ordered PCV board 10mm and it's very good as well. The software is easy to use and navigate and it's great that you can download it. Packing and delivery are very quick and it's important to say that packing is superb and it's very important if you're a photographer and you're worried your work might turn our damaged during delivery. Very happy with the product and I can highly recommend it. Well done Saal
Customer review from 22.09.2018
Excellent work! Loved my book - the print and paper quality are very good indeed!!
Customer review from 21.09.2018
Easy to use software, await the product
Jennifer writes on 20.09.2018
Amazing, Amazing, Amazing!!!
Customer review from 18.09.2018
Very much looking forward to seeing the wall decor product I ordered! I used the software to design and submit the image, which was easy to use and follow!
Pete writes on 18.09.2018
Excellent service as always great products and great delivery
Alexander writes on 17.09.2018
Brilliant quality, easy to use and arrives in good time!
Customer review from 14.09.2018
I'm am happy with the products but do think the quality of the picture could be improved.
Customer review from 13.09.2018
I applied for the product test of a wall decor. I got a 30x45 canvas of one of my original photos and colour me impressed. The software to design the canvas was quite intuitive and professional looking. I like that the store is integrated into the editing program. It makes it a more linear experience and very welcome.

The delivery and quality of the product are what truly amazes me. I hit order on 11.09.18 around noon time and received it today, 13.09.18 at 1230. Now I don't know where Saal makes and ships the products from but to do that in two days is impressive. I even selected standard shipping.

Now the quality of the product itself is fantastic. A sturdy feeling canvas that stretches enough not to rip but holds tight to the wood. The printing of the image holds all the details well. Depending on the light it can glean a bit and emphasize the texture of the canvas rather than the image, but that's only nitpicking because there is seriously nothing really wrong at all!

Thank you Saal for the chance to test your product but also for producing an amazing canvas!
Customer review from 11.09.2018
I have had several photobooks made through Saal now and every book is always as good as the last.
Customer review from 10.09.2018
Website, design and process was very straightforward and intuitive (One comment is that the basket did not show if there was an item in it or not?).

Awaiting delivery of item to see quality.
Customer review from 05.09.2018
Fantastic Service as ever. I use Saal as my trusted wedding book supplier
Customer review from 03.09.2018
The phonebook design app was easy and quick to use. I usually have a difficult time with other applications books but for me this was fast and easy. thank you so much for being an amazing company.
Customer review from 03.09.2018
So far i have ordered wall art from Saal Digital and i am so impressed on the quality of it. i have just used there website to order a phonebook through there one minute set up and it was brilliant so easy to use would highly recommend this company
Customer review from 01.09.2018
I’ve been contemplating getting some of my photography blown up and printed for use in a gallery so picked a few out and sent them off to you guys to see what the quality would be like.
I have to say I am absolutely blown away by not only the quality of the printing but also the finish and paper used, I am absolutely delighted with them and can’t thank you enough.
I will definitely be using you in the very near future, and look forward to working with you as my photography and gallery shows grow.
Thank you so so much ! I’ve had the biggest smile in my face since I received them !
Eric writes on 30.08.2018
so far so good
Customer review from 29.08.2018
I have to say i wasn't expecting the book to be the quality it is....every page laminated for a start.....i am an artist who does photo realistic auto drawings in graphite....i never do prints as i have never found someone who can produce the print the same as the original...i have now....
Customer review from 28.08.2018
Chamitha writes on 26.08.2018
I Have used Saal Digital before as well ...
As a customer, I would always recommend Saal Digital company is the best so far I found from a long time I been trying to find some good online service like this so since I found this company there the best company.
110% great quality
110% Best service and fast delivery
110% Best software (I can manage however I want it)
Thanks again to the company and the staff all the best !!!
Customer review from 26.08.2018
Best quality print I've had so far. Would definitely order again.
Clemente writes on 25.08.2018
I was selected for an exclusive photobook test in a random way for free.
First I think it wasn't true but then decided to try it. I downloaded the software and started working on the photos and album's layout. Once I was satisfied, I continued and used the promotional code. The album was done so quick and shipping was really fast.

Once I had the photobook in my hands I was really surprised because the quality is excellent and all the pictures look great.

Definitely I would use the services of Saal Digital if I wanted to make another photobook
Cathrine writes on 25.08.2018
I would love to complete your survey, if you send it again, after I receive the photo book, I have just submitted.
So far I think your website is leaps and bounds ahead of the others I have tried. Your site is clear to follow, especially for first timers. I gave up on two previous sites before finding yours, and your site made it a pleasure to put together a digital photo book for my grandson, showing when he was a baby. He is only two years old, and will be getting a new baby brother or sister in October. I wanted to show him, through the pictures, that he was once like the new baby, to try to explain that the baby will grow up to be like he is.
It is important to me, that is why I didn't settle for the other websites.
Customer review from 25.08.2018
Absolutely outstanding Quality and Service, products alway arrive before date stated, Beautiful Quality, Just recieved my canvass for my studio and absolutely delighted with it. Will defiantly be using this company for my clients, Already in the process of ordering another Photo book.

Claire Davidson Photography
Customer review from 24.08.2018
The only issue that I have had with the sw is that it wasn't clear where the cutoff was at the edge of the page, as a result the images in my first phonebook were slightly more cropped than expected
Customer review from 23.08.2018
Exceptional quality and outstanding customer service. I will def. be ordering more books from saal-digital
Customer review from 22.08.2018
SAAL have been a very reliable print company for me over the past year. The ease of producing a photobook, along with high quality materials, great customer service and good value for money ..... I'd happily recommend SAAL to any professional photographer or enthusiast ........... thankyou.
Dania writes on 19.08.2018
I love the software!! Very easy to get the hang of and many many tools to use for anything you could need. I reached out to support a few times and they were wonderful each time. Can't wait for my book to come in!! Thank you
Customer review from 19.08.2018
A friend (photographer) tagged me in a Facebook post.
AShley writes on 13.08.2018
Brilliant system helping develop great looking results

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