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John writes on 20.07.2018
I was pleasantly happy with the product received, but the delivery time would put me off ordering again & the software for building the Phonebook was a little frustrating.
Brian writes on 20.07.2018
The quality of the photobook was great, perhaps even exceeded my expectations. Turnaround time was exceptional. My primary critique would be to have the software allow you to more freely edit with ease, but overall my experience was very positive.
PATRICK writes on 20.07.2018
I am very impressed with this software. I shy away from creating albums for clients because it can become a whole other beast of a project. This software made it simple, especially the One Minute Photobook option. It took me approximately 30 minutes from start to finish for designing the album. Uploading the images was slow from a public hotspot, but very quick at home office over a more secure connection. I will definitely add this option to my offerings in the future. Thank you!
Customer review from 19.07.2018
Very good quality product and very quick delivery time as well.
Lindsey writes on 19.07.2018
I am a portrait photographer and I was very excited to try a Saal photobook for a wedding I recently photographed. When the photobook came I was VERY impressed! The quality was 10/10 photos were crisp and the colors were true. I loved how thick the pages were and the binding was strong.

The photobook was a beauty when I could finally see it, but the process getting there was difficult. As a photographer, I am always looking to fully optimize my time and I found the program to design the photobook was very time consuming and under-developed. The photo library had to be updated often and tools didn't work smoothly.

But, those are easy things to fix and I was most impressed with how the book turned out. Now I just wish Saal shipped to more places in the US as I am now stationed in Pennslyvania.

Definitely choose Saal when making your next professional photo album!
Customer review from 19.07.2018
I look forward to recieving and reviewing your product. Thankyou again for the voucher.
Customer review from 18.07.2018
What an amazing service, everything on one site. Moving forward I will be able to offer my customers an endless amount of options for their images.

Doing this I know that I will get a 10/10 service and sleep better In the knowledge that the order will be delivered and perfect every time
Customer review from 17.07.2018
I found out through a friend’s Instagram story. Everything worked out very well
andrew writes on 14.07.2018
really love the quality of the products from saal digital the website is easy to use and is timeless when using the service
Faraz writes on 14.07.2018
These are great photo books. The quality is genuinely astounding! Everything looks and feels premium as they promised. The creation was quite simple and the provided software was also a great touch. I was genuinely left speechless looking at the prints as they were extremely crisp and clear and the colors they used as well as tones on the pictures were great. The service was also extremely supporting and informative, they were constantly checking and making sure no problems were occurring and it was a very convenient transaction. Overall, this product is definitely worth it and I would highly recommend it to anyone who's considering it. Especially as a gift, this would be a wonderful wedding gift or just memory book. Very satisfied with the service and product.
Mark writes on 13.07.2018
I am very happy with the entire process of creating this fabulous book. The User Friendly creation program was very easy to use and helped me make this book even more spectacular than it would have already been.
I love heavy weight paper used and the printing is top notch. I chose the matte pages this time around, but next time I will try the glossy to compare the two versions.

I've already showcased my new book, which I am using as a portfolio for my shows, on Facebook and I know you have at least one new customer because of my sharing a video of me flipping through the pages. I am happy t okay that I have already referred several new customers to Saal Digital for their own Lay Flat Portfolio books.
Thank you for the initial $70 discount you provided me or I would never have known of your amazing program and company.

All the best,

Mark Groaning

Customer review from 12.07.2018
Amazing system, no issues with software and easy process!
Customer review from 12.07.2018
The software was super easy to use, and I can't wait to see the finished product!
Andreas writes on 11.07.2018
I have used Saal for a while now and i must say the turn around and the quality of work that i get from them is amazing, this is my first Wall decor and am looking forward to seeing how amazing it will be.
Robert writes on 11.07.2018
The software package was easy to use and there are features to simplify the design process for beginners whilst allowing professionals to flex their skills.

My photo book was put together within a few hours and arrived by post within 48 hours which I thought was very speedy and quicker than advertised!

The quality of the book is good. There were some photos which came out slightly poor which the software indicated were going to be 'good' quality which was disappointing.

To improve the software, I would suggest more layouts to select from, and the ability to view layouts for 8 photos (for example) or any other number of photos you want on the page before you actually drag and drop them onto there. It would be good if you could restrict the layout to one page instead of making the layout go over the two jointed pages.
Furthermore, it would be good to have more flexible use of the text box tools when using the auto-layout function.

The Saal Digital staff were always at hand to assist which was always good.

This service has the potential to be really good and I would recommend it.
Vipul writes on 10.07.2018
I was referred to Saal Digital by a friend who purchased the 7.5x7.5 photobook and after seeing it I decided to create my own. I applied and was accepted through the Saal Digital 2018 Photobook Test and after using the incredibly easy and intuitive software, I put together 26 pages filled with my favorite pictures I had taken. The book is very well constructed, and the lie-flat photos means that none of the small details are lost in the crease of the book, which I was extremely happy with. I went with the matte photo paper, which has unsurprisingly little reflection in the harshest of lighting conditions. The photos were printed well and the book as a whole feels well-constructed and put together. Throughout the whole process, I think my only concern is the somewhat high price point, but I will most likely use Saal Digital again especially after the fine job they did with the final product!
Customer review from 10.07.2018
Once I got past the software challenges I found that the shipping was faster than expected for a sample book. I also found it a beautiful product! I selected the thin pages as we all know most places have great thick pages. The thin were still durable and have held up well in the humidity here this summer. The colors are true to the original as well. What I found unique as well is that they allow more than the standard amount of spreads as their base product. Definitely something to keep in the running!
Rosie writes on 10.07.2018
Wonderful service and great quality pictures. I cant believe how beautiful my photographs came out in the booklet. I would recommend their services to other photographers!
Customer review from 10.07.2018
Being something of a amateur photographer and having the opportunity to apply a voucher to my purchase I thought I'd see how one of my pictures would look immortalised in print. I picked Alu-Dibond Butlerfinish which is metallic in nature by the look of it and thus the picture "interacts" with the lighting so as to appear differing and almost 3d depending on the angles. Given the picture I chose for this was a nature picture of a wood pigeon I was hoping that this would add a depth to the picture, and it seems to have worked rather well. My picture of the picture (attached) probably doesn't do it justice.
Customer review from 10.07.2018
The printing quality is incredible, the colour rendition is very accurate and the quality of the paper and design is superb!
I will be ordering more for sure.
Customer review from 09.07.2018
I really liked the process of creating the photo book; it was very easy to use. The critique have is that the photos I chose were not uploaded to the software in the order they were on my computer. It made sorting through them very tedious, inconvenient and time consuming.
Ian writes on 09.07.2018
The product is great, and looks amazing. Very happy with the results, though I don’t know if I would ever order another one simply due to cost. I’ve had many customers inquire about purchasing one from me but I would have to charge an exorbitant amount to turn a profit. That being said, this is a very quality book and am very happy with the results.
Customer review from 09.07.2018
I got my photobook in the post last week and I was delighted. The quality was great and the delivery time was good too. I struggled a little at the beginning because the software wouldn't download for me. I then used the online version on the website to order, but being online it was quite slow and crashed at one point. Leaving me to start all over again. That part was frustrating but everything else was great. Any information or request I asked the team they got back to me and were very helpful. Have shown a few people the photobook and there was a lot of interest.
Edwin writes on 08.07.2018
I received and invite email to try out the photo albums, and I thought why not. So I follow their instructions and days later received and approval saying I qualify to test their products. So I got a coupon and I went for it.
I used a week a go and I absolutely love the website is extremely friendly and easy to use. Super fast uploading and have great themes.

The waiting process was very professional, I received emails and text messages to track my package.

The delivery was oustanding. Came very well packed and protected.

The final product, I am simply speachless over exceed my expectations the quality of the album is amazing. The quality and the colors of my images came just as I see them on my computer. The spreads are fantastic. I am 100% satisfied with these company. I am already reffering this to all my coworkers and friends.

Thank you for your excellent work Saal!
Customer review from 08.07.2018
Great photo book, all images came out crisp and vibrant.
malajah writes on 08.07.2018
Thank you so much for this oppurtinity. I will be publishing this review on instagram and youtube.I have positive feedback but I will let my followers know the limits on the front cover but thats about it. This was an amazing experience
Elijah writes on 07.07.2018
The photobooklet I received was in amazing quality and it’s delivery time was spot on
I used the SAAL website to design and produce the product and it was simple to use and was no hassle at all
Adam writes on 06.07.2018
So i got this recommended to me by my mother who saw the advert online, and eventually got around to making a photobook as a gift for her birthday. Overall I am really pleased with the quality of the photobook it made a great gift and was really well made, my only quams with the service to be honest was the marketing side. The advert made it seem like the images would be directly sourced from my Instagram account, it didn't really highlight that I would need to download software (which wasn't a problem once you get the hand of it) and it actually made the experience better as you felt more in control. The voucher said that I would get £25 off my photobook however it only discounted £20, I still purchased it and am really pleased with it and would use the service again however.
Customer review from 05.07.2018
The wall decors quality is impressive! Really high quality, I really like them! :)
We had some problem with the delivery. It wasn't delivered the day and time slot I received through text. It was delivered the next day but after the time slot texted. The products arrived safe and in a great packaging.
Customer review from 05.07.2018
Very easy software to use, brilliant service and quick delivery, wasn’t so keen on the glossy pages so will keep that in mind for next time!
Christian writes on 04.07.2018
I really enjoyed how easy it was to install and use the program, I also like the fact that it gives you three options on building your photo book, one of them being that the program itself does the work for you and the the two other options let your decide and be more hands on.
The only negative and which I’m sure can easily be improved is the fonts available for use as well as the template variations. I did a photo book for a maternity shoot and there wasn’t really much choices for that style or genre.
I also had to talk to customer support and I must say they are responsive and quick so that’s always a plus.
I will continue using this program for future photo books
Karen writes on 04.07.2018
I appreciated the quality of the photo paper and accuracy of the product compared to my upload. The delivery time was prompt. Would recommend to friends.
Customer review from 03.07.2018
I saw a Instagram advertisement. I really appreciate the offer. I am currently awaiting for my book to arrive then I will let you know.
Masoud writes on 03.07.2018
The quality was great. Prints were exactly as it was described.
Devika writes on 02.07.2018
Earlier we used to have huge albums with beautiful photographs of special occasions and the whole family used to gather in anticipation to see the lovely moments captured together. Saal digital helped us relive those memories through our photo book in this digital era. I was amazed at the quality and speed of delivery. The software needs a few more upgrades, but its simple for anyone to use, and they were very kind to offer the voucher for the book. Thank you very much saal digital.
Customer review from 02.07.2018
Customer review from 01.07.2018
Saw the ad for a voucher on instagram and checked it out!
Chris writes on 30.06.2018
Ordered a canvas print of one of my photos, very good quality printing and looks great. There was on issue that part of the frame splintered and was protruding into the canvas. We contacted saal support and they immediately organised for a replacement to be sent out. The next one we received was wonderful, no faults with manufacturing and great quality print. I'm very impressed with the quality of the service.
Ian writes on 29.06.2018
Creating a book was fairly simple and the quality is on point. I would definitely consider Saal for another project like this (layflat book).
Customer review from 29.06.2018
Everything about the customer service, layout of the website, and the product itself was excellent. However, the software used to design the software feels outdated, and the layouts don't provide much usability. With that said it was not enough to detract from the overall experience.

Keep up the good work SAAL
Dominic writes on 29.06.2018
Amazing High Quality Pictures
Dominic writes on 29.06.2018
Very good Product, High quality pictures and book. Fantastic design options, which you can really personalise yourself. I would definilty reccommend saal and use them again and again.
Amazing, Brilliant , Products.
Customer review from 29.06.2018
Customer review from 29.06.2018
Easy to use software fast awaiting delivery hopefully will be a good product that we can use in our wedding photography reviews to follow as soon as delivered
Matt writes on 27.06.2018
You guys have been very accommodating with my delays on processing my order, which is a credit to your customer service.
Customer review from 27.06.2018
Love how customizable the photo book is!
Sam writes on 26.06.2018
Amazing Software, very easy to use, Would highly recommend to anyone wanting a photobook.
Lorenzo writes on 26.06.2018
ottimo prodotto , qualità ottima, tempi di consegna soddisfacenti.
i colori rispettano totalmente quelli originali, la carta è resistente .
Nulla da aggiungere ottimo prodotto
Thomas writes on 26.06.2018
I was very impressed with the print quality but due to the cover being folded, the first and last prints have noticeable ridges, which may distort the image. This is particularly noticeable on photos with a dark background. I also think it would be better to be able to pick a thinner card/paper as I would prefer the paper thickness slightly less rigid. The software is easy to use however someone which might be new to the software could have more help by adding more pop up tutorials. Simple, but could be more visually interesting maybe using a little more colour. Overall the book was really great quality and you can feel and see it is made with care. Thank you saal
Customer review from 26.06.2018
A bit worried at first when downloading the software, my antivirus came up with a warning. I emailed customer service and got a quick response.

Software was easy to use, and I found the templates sped the process up.
Customer review from 25.06.2018
The quality of the photo book was outstanding. I would probably order many more of them, however prices are quite high.
Customer review from 25.06.2018
Excellent service. I wish the delivery time was quicker but as it's coming from Germany I can understand. Customer service at SAAL is absolutely phenomenal. I HIGHLY RECCOMEND their products. Great print quality for a reasonable price.
Kashawn writes on 25.06.2018
I was scrolling through my feed on instagram, and I believe this was a sponsored ad. I read it and it said that it was offering free photobooks basically. Now obviously at first I thought this was just another scam, but I am very happy to say that isn't the case. If you signed up for the application, and were accepted you would get a 70$ voucher code. I applied, and was accepted, and I am very happy that I was! This photobook is perfect. I needed another physical representation of my work, mainly my wedding photography since it's something I have started within the past year.
There is a very special appeal to being able to just pick up a photo, and admire it. The book is small, but it feels well made. The paper quality is extremely good in terms of feel, and detail. I can honestly say I think this book will last me a long time. The application that you use takes a few minutes to get into, but it's very user friendly.
It does a good job of painting a picture of the photobook that you will get in the mail. I see no difference between what I made in the app, and what arrived at my doorstep. There are many options depending on how much time or effort you would like to put into your photobook. I personally choose the option that was much faster.
There is a one minute option that sets up most of the layout for you, and from then on you can stylize it however you want. I will absolutely recommend this to my other photographer friends, and I know where I will buy photobooks from if I do need another.
Roberto writes on 24.06.2018
Les agradezco su servicio fue genial, ya recibi el album y me ha encantado, su servicio es a otro nivel, muchas gracias saal digital desde Panama
Jeremy writes on 23.06.2018
The quality of your prints way exceeded my expectations. By far, the best I've seen. I am extremely happy with the book you made for me. I will absolutely come back.
Riwaz writes on 23.06.2018
Amazing Software to design the booklets!
Danielle writes on 23.06.2018
I was thrilled to receive my photobook. Fast delivery, the quality is amazing. The software made the process very easy. Lots of flexibility with letting it decide things for you or choosing to design it yourself, or use both features.
camila writes on 23.06.2018
Book came super fast and looks super good! Wonderful job, will be ordering again soon!!! THANK YOU!
Ricardo writes on 22.06.2018
I am not sure what I was expecting but the photobook I ordered is amazing. There is no distortion in any of the photos printed, delivery time was a lot quicker than anticipated, the pages are clean and thick, and the color is spot on. I will say though that for some reason I did not expect it to be so small, but thats probably my fault for not noticing the measurements when ordering. Also, I have no idea why the price is so high for this photobook or why its costs so much to remove the barcode, but I thank you for sending me a voucher code for my photobook. I definitely enjoy this product overall and may order another in the future.
Danny writes on 22.06.2018
Ordering time was exceptionally streamlined and quick, and print quality was wonderful, but I wish the finish options and paper choices were a little but more clear. For example, I ordered the super matte but glossy was what I should've ordered after examining the book. Maybe if examples were posted next to each finish type (it's possible I missed this). Overall very recommended!

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