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Jennifer writes on 20.09.2018
Amazing, Amazing, Amazing!!!
Customer review from 18.09.2018
Very much looking forward to seeing the wall decor product I ordered! I used the software to design and submit the image, which was easy to use and follow!
Pete writes on 18.09.2018
Excellent service as always great products and great delivery
Alexander writes on 17.09.2018
Brilliant quality, easy to use and arrives in good time!
Customer review from 14.09.2018
I'm am happy with the products but do think the quality of the picture could be improved.
Customer review from 13.09.2018
I applied for the product test of a wall decor. I got a 30x45 canvas of one of my original photos and colour me impressed. The software to design the canvas was quite intuitive and professional looking. I like that the store is integrated into the editing program. It makes it a more linear experience and very welcome.

The delivery and quality of the product are what truly amazes me. I hit order on 11.09.18 around noon time and received it today, 13.09.18 at 1230. Now I don't know where Saal makes and ships the products from but to do that in two days is impressive. I even selected standard shipping.

Now the quality of the product itself is fantastic. A sturdy feeling canvas that stretches enough not to rip but holds tight to the wood. The printing of the image holds all the details well. Depending on the light it can glean a bit and emphasize the texture of the canvas rather than the image, but that's only nitpicking because there is seriously nothing really wrong at all!

Thank you Saal for the chance to test your product but also for producing an amazing canvas!
Customer review from 11.09.2018
I have had several photobooks made through Saal now and every book is always as good as the last.
Customer review from 10.09.2018
Website, design and process was very straightforward and intuitive (One comment is that the basket did not show if there was an item in it or not?).

Awaiting delivery of item to see quality.
Customer review from 05.09.2018
Fantastic Service as ever. I use Saal as my trusted wedding book supplier
Customer review from 03.09.2018
The phonebook design app was easy and quick to use. I usually have a difficult time with other applications books but for me this was fast and easy. thank you so much for being an amazing company.
Customer review from 03.09.2018
So far i have ordered wall art from Saal Digital and i am so impressed on the quality of it. i have just used there website to order a phonebook through there one minute set up and it was brilliant so easy to use would highly recommend this company
Customer review from 01.09.2018
I’ve been contemplating getting some of my photography blown up and printed for use in a gallery so picked a few out and sent them off to you guys to see what the quality would be like.
I have to say I am absolutely blown away by not only the quality of the printing but also the finish and paper used, I am absolutely delighted with them and can’t thank you enough.
I will definitely be using you in the very near future, and look forward to working with you as my photography and gallery shows grow.
Thank you so so much ! I’ve had the biggest smile in my face since I received them !
Eric writes on 30.08.2018
so far so good
Customer review from 29.08.2018
I have to say i wasn't expecting the book to be the quality it is....every page laminated for a start.....i am an artist who does photo realistic auto drawings in graphite....i never do prints as i have never found someone who can produce the print the same as the original...i have now....
Customer review from 28.08.2018
Chamitha writes on 26.08.2018
I Have used Saal Digital before as well ...
As a customer, I would always recommend Saal Digital company is the best so far I found from a long time I been trying to find some good online service like this so since I found this company there the best company.
110% great quality
110% Best service and fast delivery
110% Best software (I can manage however I want it)
Thanks again to the company and the staff all the best !!!
Customer review from 26.08.2018
Best quality print I've had so far. Would definitely order again.
Clemente writes on 25.08.2018
I was selected for an exclusive photobook test in a random way for free.
First I think it wasn't true but then decided to try it. I downloaded the software and started working on the photos and album's layout. Once I was satisfied, I continued and used the promotional code. The album was done so quick and shipping was really fast.

Once I had the photobook in my hands I was really surprised because the quality is excellent and all the pictures look great.

Definitely I would use the services of Saal Digital if I wanted to make another photobook
Cathrine writes on 25.08.2018
I would love to complete your survey, if you send it again, after I receive the photo book, I have just submitted.
So far I think your website is leaps and bounds ahead of the others I have tried. Your site is clear to follow, especially for first timers. I gave up on two previous sites before finding yours, and your site made it a pleasure to put together a digital photo book for my grandson, showing when he was a baby. He is only two years old, and will be getting a new baby brother or sister in October. I wanted to show him, through the pictures, that he was once like the new baby, to try to explain that the baby will grow up to be like he is.
It is important to me, that is why I didn't settle for the other websites.
Customer review from 25.08.2018
Absolutely outstanding Quality and Service, products alway arrive before date stated, Beautiful Quality, Just recieved my canvass for my studio and absolutely delighted with it. Will defiantly be using this company for my clients, Already in the process of ordering another Photo book.

Claire Davidson Photography
Customer review from 24.08.2018
The only issue that I have had with the sw is that it wasn't clear where the cutoff was at the edge of the page, as a result the images in my first phonebook were slightly more cropped than expected
Customer review from 23.08.2018
Exceptional quality and outstanding customer service. I will def. be ordering more books from saal-digital
Customer review from 22.08.2018
SAAL have been a very reliable print company for me over the past year. The ease of producing a photobook, along with high quality materials, great customer service and good value for money ..... I'd happily recommend SAAL to any professional photographer or enthusiast ........... thankyou.
Dania writes on 19.08.2018
I love the software!! Very easy to get the hang of and many many tools to use for anything you could need. I reached out to support a few times and they were wonderful each time. Can't wait for my book to come in!! Thank you
Customer review from 19.08.2018
A friend (photographer) tagged me in a Facebook post.
AShley writes on 13.08.2018
Brilliant system helping develop great looking results
Customer review from 11.08.2018
I am very pleased with the 7.5" square photo book I ordered. It was easy to put together in the provided, downloadable computer software. There were enough variations in image size, placement and enhancements. Delivery was extremely fast, less than 1 week from submission to delivery. Prices are extremely reasonable, when compared to most other printers that offer books (Zno excepted). Color reproduction is superb, matching the colors on my iMac... at least I don't see a discernible difference. Materials are excellent; paper is sufficiently thick and weighty and the leather cover is very nice. I intend to use Saal DIgital for all my photo book sales as I ramp up my photography business.
Customer review from 11.08.2018
Amazing construction quality, accurate images, fast delivery. A+
Customer review from 10.08.2018
I have used you now for several different products from photo books to alubonded wall art and each time the items are brilliant and arrive earlier than expected. I now use you as my sole supplier for my business.
Collette writes on 10.08.2018
Thank you for being so understanding and helpful! I cannot wait to get the album!
Customer review from 09.08.2018
I love your service. Pure quality!
Customer review from 08.08.2018
The photobook is awesome. Its always great to see my pictures in print and it looks great on my coffee table. Also the software was very user friendly, the hardest part was picking which pictures I wanted in the book.
Customer review from 08.08.2018
Brilliant service clean and crisp, better service and quality than other photobooks, highly recommend
Customer review from 08.08.2018
I recently ordered a Alu-Dibond Butlerfinish Plaque for the front of my premises. I designed the layout using the included Saal software which was very simple and allowed a great deal of flexibility. When the plaque arrived I was blown away (really, seriously amazed!) at the quality and sharpness of the reproduction and the eye catching nature of the Aluminium backing. My design included some of my aerial photographs, and the way the aluminium enhanced the water and sky in these images is incredible.

Another huge win for Saal, and a VERY satisfied customer, Saal will remain my No.1 go-to for quality output.
Customer review from 08.08.2018
The one minute photo book feature worked great! But could use some sort of facial recognition to ensure all photos were properly cropped and positioned, I had to readjust every single photo. Would love to be able to edit photos inside the program as well (brightness, contrast, shadows, etc).

Was surprisingly agile for a standalone desktop app (would much rather prefer a web app). Have yet to see the finished product.
Greg writes on 08.08.2018
I am extremely happy with my photobook from Saal-Digital. It is done to the highest standards and really exceeded my expectations! Pictures are sharp and crisp, colours are vibrant and saturate but more important true to the picture I see on my screen. The binding is flawless and the book itself is a piece of art.

Software is easy to use and very capable. The way you order your products is very easy and hassle free. Deliver was pretty fast so no complaints whatsoever.

I am going to order again from Saal-Digital again.
Jennifer writes on 07.08.2018
I am very pleased with the photobook I received from SAAL. I put together a hiking adventures photobook that showed off some of my best photos from a national park I work for. The program one uses to put the book together is really easy to use and caters to all experience levels: whether you want to put it together all for yourself or you want a premade template. I used a template and then added my own clip art from the catalog. I was impressed how fast the book was made and arrived. It is a great quality book with crisp photos, really nice paper, and overall well made. I definitely recommend it and will purchase one again.
Customer review from 07.08.2018
Customer review from 07.08.2018
Thank you so much, service was excellent and the creating the photobook was super easy! Thank you!
Leo writes on 06.08.2018
Love the book. The paper quality is awesome. Love the color. It almost matches the screen color. The service is fast. Thanks for good quality and services
Customer review from 03.08.2018
I am very very happy with the entire experience. The product is excellent! I only wish the resolution of my creations were higher so that the end result was clearer (my fault, not yours):-) . I will definitely order again and suggest to others. Please send me your bulk wholesale rates (with shelves) as I may place bigger orders too.
Brian writes on 03.08.2018
Excellent product/price and delivery.
Will use again.
Customer review from 02.08.2018
such an easy experience

so user friendly, 10/10 for customer care as well!
Mikaela writes on 02.08.2018
I submitted some of my professional photos to Saal Digital to make a photo book. The quality of the book is amazing and the design process was very easy.
Carlos writes on 31.07.2018
The photobook arrived just in time and the quality was outstanding. I really liked the paper quality it came with, you can tell it was really high quality and I love the thickness. I definitely would want to use the service again. Excellent product and the overall experience was simple and easy. The software was easy to download and use.
Customer review from 31.07.2018
Overall, I am very happy with this photobook. I screwed up on one picture and missed that the layout placed it in landscape layout rather than portrait. I found the software a bit difficult and frustrating which is how I missed it by the time I got to the last page of the book. The quality is very good, the printing is great. The colors are spot on. The book shipped very fast. My only issue was that I found the software a bit tough to work with. I’m a tech-y person and still found it to be somewhat less than user friendly with few options available compared to other photo book printers. But, getting past that, everything else went quite smoothly and I am quite happy with the end product except for the photo I screwed up.
Customer review from 31.07.2018
Great software, maybe make it a little more customizable but good base functionality.
Customer review from 30.07.2018
My final product- a photo book - arrived just as I had designed it.The process to create it was easy and user friendly, including different options to suit. Great Product, awesome website and to top it all it off, delivery was super fast . I would certainly use them again.
Angus writes on 30.07.2018
Thank you Saal Digital for providing me with this mini photobook! I have never printed my own photos before so this is a first for me.

Review: The design of the photobook has a transparent protective front and back cover to keep the individual pages clean and protected. I was surprised to find the shipping cost for this would have been £4.95. I thought this was substantial considering the booklet is less than a centimeter thick and weights only 67 grams. The booklet alone would have cost £8.50 for a 10cm x 15cm print with 12 pages (printed both sides). While I appreciated the opportunity to be able to test this product, I feel the overall value of what it would have cost was poor and doesn’t represent good value for middle class photographers. The total cost would have been £13.50 which I think is not good value. When the booklet arrived, I found it was printed in a textured style which I didn’t want. This could have been a mistake myself, however, I would have preferred if the downloadable software was more clear with how the booklet would be printed.

Overall 3/5
Customer review from 30.07.2018
Amazing Company, Fantastic Products, Great Quality and really quick on delivery, will most certainly be using all the time
Jaffer writes on 29.07.2018
The photobook arrived much earlier than I had expected. Very nicely packaged and beautifully produced book.
The quality of Fuji Crystal archive paper is incredibly good, I won’t hesitate to get some of my exhibition images printed by Saal Team on this paper.
Now, I am preparing my images for the next photo book which got to be by Saal.
Thank you Saal Team for being so helpful during the production of my first book.

Jaffer Bhimji
Phil writes on 27.07.2018
Found this site very easy to use, looking forward to receiving the photobook
Customer review from 27.07.2018
I have been looking for a quality Flat lay book format for my professional photography portfolio. I am very pleased with the results. The image quality is excellent, the flat lay is beautiful and the cover doesn't feel cheap. The pages are nice and thick/sturdy which gives the images a presence which is a really nice touch. great product
Andrew writes on 27.07.2018
Easy to use website and perfect quality print, really happy with everything and will definitely use again for more.
Customer review from 25.07.2018
I have used Saal before, the lay flat book is beautiful, I love the quality of the pages, the weight of the paper, the finish and overall feel.
The software is very good and pricing, although a little high, is reflected in the quality of product.
Aiden writes on 25.07.2018
Thank you for letting me try out your software. If you have anymore specific feedback questions don't hesitate to shoot me an email.
Customer review from 25.07.2018
So far I love the software and how easy it was to put this book together!
Customer review from 24.07.2018
Very glad for the discount code, because I think it is overpriced at regular price.
Sannam writes on 24.07.2018
I was looking through my instagram stories, and an ad popped up about Saal. I'm very excited to see how my phonebook comes out. Thank you! :)
Lindsay writes on 24.07.2018
The photo book I created and ordered arrived in a timely manner. The photo book itself was beautiful. The cover, page, and color quality were beyond my expectations. There was only one problem with the photo book: one of the photos which I had rotated 90% appeared in the book in the original orientation ruining the design of that page. Unfortunately, it was a self-portrait that I worked really hard on and was very proud of. It was actually the only photo of myself in the entire book and of course, that was the image that was printed wrong. Aside from this, I really enjoy the quality of the book. It is definitely something I would recommend to friends and family.

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